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This Antique And Art Store Will Make Your Home Look Like A Palace With Just One Buy

    Byadarahalli, Bangalore

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    What Makes It Awesome

    Tucked away in a bungalow in the old Bangalore neighbourhood of Benson Town,  Vermillion House brings with it that quintessential old-world charm. As soon as you enter, you’ll first think you’ve walked straight into a page of history into an aristocrat’s house. Expect antique tables, gorgeous mirrors and even arm chairs that are probably at least five decades old. Plus, Tanjore painting with intricate gold work, wood carvings that look so realistic you’ll want to touch them, and statues of ancient dancing figures and mythological characters. But that’s just Uma’s section! This is a treasure trove!

    Firstly, they have frames that you can buy as they are, in a range of finishing from Teak and Rosewood to more intricate and orante ones that Bina will help you pick. Since this is her domain, be sure to take along the picture you want framing, as she’ll be able to guide you better. While I admit those are most expensive (but remember they’ll be investments, these pieces), she also happy to create frames from silk or handmade paper that will still give your paintings or pictures a beautiful finish, and customised too.

    The third partner, Purvi, is a lover of book and stories, so naturally there’s a little section dedicated to book on art, culture, travel and epics. But it’s the bookself, which looks like a grand old study table with hidden drawers, cabinets and shelves, that had us swooning.


    They constantly have exhibitions from artistes and curators from across the country, so keep an eye out for special sales and showcases. There is also a gorgous collection of blouses in silk, brocade and cotton to ogle at. Plus, a few saris that will make you want to instantly buy them.

      Byadarahalli, Bangalore