Drive Down To This Hidden Falls In The Western Ghats On Your Getaway To Gokarna

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What Makes It Awesome

Vibhooti Falls near Gokarna is a hidden gem that you must add to the itinerary to get your dose of serenity. Head down to Vibhooti Falls which is about 42 kilometres from Gokarna, perfect for a long drive and picnic. It is a hidden gem in the Western ghats and a spot one shouldn't miss while travelling to Gokarna. Situated amidst the limestone deposits and large rocks, this 70 feet multi-tiered waterfalls is picturesque and peaceful. It is popularly believed that the water that flows through the Yana rocks is the sacred ash and so the waterfall is named as Vibhooti falls. The water here is crystal clear and you can sit down here and enjoy the view. The entry fee is priced at INR 20 (inclusive of parking) and once you reach the entry, walk down for about 1.5 kilometres to reach Vibhooti Falls. 

The walk down to the falls is a bit tiring but they do have benches where you can sit and relax before heading down again. There is a lifeguard posted at the falls which makes it safe for swimming or taking a dip at the falls. Vibhooti falls is highly prone to leeches, so make sure to carry packets of salt as first aid if they stick on to you. People usually spend about half a day at the waterfalls. Best time to visit Vibhooti Falls is from October to January and during monsoons, due to the heavy rainfall, there are usually restrictions considering the safety of the tourists. Stop by Yana Rocks, black limestone rocks, while you are visiting Vibhooti Falls and check out the Yana Cave temples with a self-manifested Shiva Linga. You can reach Vibhooti falls via road, through Gokarna or Sirsi.