Sing Your Heart Out - Guide To Throwing A Killer (Virtual) Karaoke Party At Home

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Missing your weekly Karaoke nights with your crew, or just love the concept Karaoke (even if it’s by yourself, no judgement)? Going out to our favorite karaoke clubs is no more an option, and won’t be for a while (consider helping out your favourites though) There are ways to bring that experience home one way or another. Here’s how you can set it up. Remember, being versatile is key, whether you’re calling your neighbour (or cousins) home for a quick sesh, or want to do it via video call and have more to laugh about, there’s a way, and this is how. 

Enjoy Some Great Food

Remember how we’d stand in line for hours, struggle to find seats and then eat overpriced food and pretend to enjoy it? In the comfort of your own home during parties, that’s not a problem. If you’re really looking to put the A-OK in Karaoke, then make some yum food. Check here if you don’t have veggies at home, here if Maggi is life. For a more refined paletes, make an easy Aglio e Olio, or chicken sliders. Feeling too lazy to cook? Check our delivering now section to see what’s delivering home.

Don't Forget Liquid Courage

Ah, some people need liquid courage to get on stage (or screen in this case) to start belting. Now that liquor stores are open to some degree, feel free to procure some or open something sitting in the bar. Those of you with more time on their hands, feel free to make an easy summer cocktail (or many). Teetotalers, check here for fun drinks sans alcohol. If you’re looking for drink pre-mixes, and snacks to go with your drinks, check here.

Find Yourself The Best Karaoke Tool

If it’s safe, and you’ve called your neighbours, close friends, or are having a family karaoke night, consider just search for a karaoke version of your choice on YouTube, and project, cast, or use as is. Spotify also has a few classics with lyrics that you can cast. Alternatively, download Karafun, an app meant specifically for Karaoke, with a bunch of playlists and genres(available for mobile and PC). There are mobile only apps like StarMaker, and a bunch of apps called ‘Karaoke’. Don't forget to connect it all to a killer set of speakers. 

Choose The Perfect Medium

Want to get the full experience of going to a pub and singing with and for strangers? Get on Smule , and sing with people who are online there at the time. You even have options of doing duets, and singing with professional singers and celebrities. For ones keeping it in their circles, decide (or create) a karaoke playlist, on one of the above apps, get on Zoom, Hangouts, Houseparty, WhatsApp, or any of your preferred video calling apps that allow group calls, and hope everyone’s internet plays nice. 

Remember To Stay Safe!

Sing your heart out and let out your inner rockstar, but let them out responsibly. Calling people home? Or going next door? Remember to wear a mask, carry a sanitiser, and wash your hands thoroughly. Feel free to make a fashion statement with your mask, or buy one for the whole squad here. Get yourself a sanitizer here