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Hassle-Free & Delightful: This Cup Of Instant Coffee Is A-OK!

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VS Mani & Co

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What Makes It Awesome

With all the fancy coffee talk doing the rounds sometimes all one craves is a cup of good old, familiar instant coffee. Trust us, granddad would give you a green signal for the same. Like would, V Subramaniam, the inspiration behind Bangalore based online food & beverage brand, VS Mani & Co.

This fairly new venture is all about recreating, you guessed it, Mr Mani's faves (the Founder's grandfather), be it munchies or drinks from his much simpler times. Their focus is on keeping it easy too which gives us the first product in their line, a Signature Instant Coffee. This coffee is made from a blend (60% coffee and 40% chicory) of coffee beans sourced across regions in Southern India. It is strong and aromatic without the bitter aftertaste which makes it perfect to sip on two or even three times a day. And all you will need is hot milk or water and like five minutes of your time at most. 

Buy a 100gm pack (INR 285) or two at INR 500 and you're sorted with quality instant coffee until the time comes to buy more! An upgraded instant coffee blend(s) is in the works. That's not all from South India. In a couple of months all you kids who grew up eating classic southern snacks will be very pleased. VS Mani & Co is set to launch Chikki and Ribbon Pakoda among other snacks in easy to eat packs. Tasty and nostalgic!

Pro Tip

You can order their coffee on Shop LBB directly. So, what are you waiting for?