Kismi, Rola Cola and 9 Other Sweets that will Take you Back to the Nineties

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So, we recently re-discovered Phantom Sweet Cigarettes, and better still, exactly where to get them. In that spirit, as nineties kids, we went down the #throwbackthursday route, and made a list of all our favourite old school candy. Which ones do you miss the most?


Melody hai chocolatey, and you know what else it is… back in the market. Score some old school Melody sweets at any corner shop, and to be even more specific, help yourself to them at the Anita Dongre flagship store in DLF Emporio.

Phantom Sweet Cigarettes

Best ever. Get the whole scoop, here. 


Birthday party favourites {at least when we went to school}, especially those yellow ones. Check out their whole repertoire, and get in touch for orders here. 

Pan Pasand

Part of mother brand Ravalgon, Pan Pasand is another winner. Think of it as our introduction to the grown up activity of paan, sans the spitting. Check out their whole repertoire, and get in touch for orders here. 

Kismi Toffee Bar

Courtesy all the Mars Bars, Nutella laced candy and one too many foreign sweet nothings, the incredible Elaichi flavoured Kismi Toffee and Toffee Bar has taken a backseat. But at two rupees, how could you ever diss it? Get in touch for a bulk order, here. 


First time we saw rainbow colours, learnt how to be greedy, and finally managed to actually pick a preferred colour {besides Tippy Tippy Tap}, was all thanks to Poppins. Still no word on whether a certain Mary helped with naming them, but we’re not complaining, unless you take the green ones. Get in touch for a bulk order, here.

Coffy Bite

We feel like all the major adulthood flavours were sugar coated and presented to us as children. Coffy Bite will forever reign as coffee flavoured sweet number one. Special mention to the Eclairs version. To get in touch with the people behind them, click here. 


Small, round, and smelly, Fatafat is one of the few candies that has stood the test of time, and is still widely available. It is supposed to aid with digestion, but we don’t think eating three packets of them will give you any true indication of their effectiveness. Amazon sells Fatafat in the United States; talk about popularity.

Rola Cola

Best. Better still, since they were all the same colour and flavour, Rola Cola actually prevented one too many fights. So, the bad news is, it’s been discontinued, but the good news is, there’s a community petitioning for its comeback. Join forces, here. 


We’re catching on to a pattern; seems our childhood candy was either to aid digestion, or give us a teaser of flavours yet to come. Swad, the digestive drop, was another one that joins the list. The good news? Theres a website dedicated to it, so perhaps you can score some? Click here. 

Mango Bite

Another evergreen product from the house of Parle, it is India’s first mango filled candy, that too with real mango. There’s also the Kaccha Mango Bite rendition, in case you’re in the mood to experiment. Follow Parle on Facebook to stay up to date, here.