A Bite Of Tokyo & A Bowl Or Tori Paitan: All At This Ramen Shop In GK 2

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What Makes It Awesome

I remember seeing a post on Insta that said Mensho Tokyo was coming to Delhi some 2 years back and I also remember being genuinely excited after a long long time. The city had seen quite a few good places open but nothing this path-breaking or exclusive, and I don't mean just the food, I mean the experience, an actual Ramen Shop. Having followed Chef Shono (on Instagram) for a while, I was already in awe of his work and the prospect of getting to taste it was an opportunity worth anticipating. The pandemic did what it did and Mensho opened and locked down to the tune of three times before Delhi could fully appreciate it. Now that they are here to stay, I am happy to report 3 excellent meals already had and plans for a few more, already made.

The moment you walk in, you know you're on the sweet side of Tokyo. The first thing you notice is the red lantern by the bay window overlooking a street that looks more and more like Tokyo as night falls. The centre of the room is dominated by a community table which establishes this place as a legit Ramen Shop. Note the subtle accents of monochrome Anime-style artwork on the wall, the paper lanterns over the centre table, the wispy curtain that leads to the kitchen and a neon sign that beckons in the washroom. It's such a wonderful juxtaposition of Japanese propriety and minimalist kitsch. A legacy that dates back to 2005 has been given the perfect home in the heart of South Delhi.

My recommendations encompass practically the whole menu to be honest considering that all the local vendors have been handpicked by the Indian Partners and Chef Shono himself. A state of the art noodle machine makes fresh noodles, the Tare comes from Japan and the stock recipe is as much a secret as Coca Cola's is. I suggest you start with a round of Sake paired with Spicy Edamame and the Poached Chicken Salad in Chili Oil. You could move on to cocktails (The Yuzu G&T is perfect!), that's where the perfectly crispy potsticker style Gyoza should make an appearance along with the insanely good Dynamite Prawns, their super-secret dynamite sauce ought to be bottled! For a unique take on starters, the Chashu Fries feature sweet potato fries topped with chashu pork bits, kewpie mayo, crisp nori and spicy togarashi.

For the main course, I suggest you choose from both the Ramen and the Donburi (Rice Bowls). Among the 8 classic ramen bowls, a special shout out to the Vegan Tantamen for being a surprising flavour bomb and the Tori Paitan Chicken, I do prefer the Pork but the chicken stock is revelatory. Complete with hand-pulled fresh noodles, world-class meat and little surprises of crunchy Sichuan pepper and ajitama, these are the stars of the menu. From the selection of Donburi, the Katsu Curry is by far the most authentic in the city and the Pork Donburi is a bowl that's both light and deeply satisfying at the same time. They also have half a dozen Maezesoba or soupless ramen, bowls where the noods shine and every element stands out.


Complete your meal with exclusive desserts that are a bit more generic though extremely delicious, I am hoping to see more of Yuzu, Matcha and Mochi (hint hint!). Hit up Mensho Tokyo for the real pleasure of ramen, feel free to slurp the noodles, it's the best way to have a meal as exquisite as this!