Move Over Flat White: The Cold-Brew Coffee Craze & Where We’ve Found It

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There’s a new fad in town – and I’m not talking about the turmeric latte, aka haldi ka doodh. Cold brews are in the building, errrrbody! For those of you who don’t know what it’s all about, it’s coffee brewed via cold process, as opposed to the regular hot espresso shots which are poured over ice to create an iced drink.

What makes cold brew coffee a hit for me is that it’s considerably lower on acidity {thank god} and it comes with a sweet aftertaste, making it easy to have without milk and sugar {double thank god}. Another fun fact? It’s actually super easy to brew at home; and unlike an open bottle of wine, cold brewed coffee can be preserved for a pretty long duration. Brew a batch, keep it in your fridge, and drink up for a week {if you do, call me maybe?}.

However, for the lazy ones, it might make more sense to order from one of these coffee meccas in town. My fellow coffee aficionado, Anindya Roy, and I jumped on the cold brew bandwagon to suss out where to score a cuppa cold joe.

Blue Tokai Coffee Roasters

If you haven’t been to their roastery yet, this gives you a reason to. You can literally see how and where your coffee is made. I’ve had every single coffee on their menu; and though their Cortado is my favourite, they score brownie points for their cold brew coffee.

What To Expect: Blue Tokai keeps it classy and classic with no whipped cream/brownie Sunday infusions to the cold brew – and is likely to be enjoyed by folks who really like and know their coffee, rather than those who just want a cold drink.

Keep In Mind: The roastery is beautiful, but their seating is limited, and it’s not a restaurant, so don’t go here expecting a full-blown meal – the quiches, sandwiches and desserts are small but wonderful. Also, it’s a great place to work out of.

Price: Starting at INR 100 for a cup of coffee


Gurgaon’s hub for good coffee, Bizibean has got the best possible reputation when it comes to serving good quality coffee.

What To Expect: Sit down, relax, and start sipping. They’ve got a fantastic cold brew and cold brew cubes {frozen cold brew cubes! Seriously!} based drinks on their menu – including a smashing MochaChillo {two shots of espresso + condensed milk + chocolate syrup + three cubes of cold brew}.

Keep In Mind: There’s no takeaway option for the cold brews yet. So grab that seat before everyone else does.

Price: Starting at INR 120

Perch Wine & Coffee Bar

My {current} favourite wine bar and cafe in Delhi serves a deadly range of coffees too. Their Vietnamese coffee is a hit, and their cold brew doesn’t fall far behind either.

What To Expect: Also keeping it classic with a coffee menu similar to Blue Tokai, Perch’s cold brew packs a punch with its Kaffa Cerrado beans, delivering just the wake up call you need with a meandering, sweet aftertaste.

Keep In Mind: There’s a Perch in Vasant Vihar too, and it’s usually quieter than the Khan Market one. Grab a book, and head there for breakfast and a glass of cold brew.

Price: Starting at INR 225

Breeze Kitchen

This one is a Korean restaurant. But if you’re a coffee lover, then there is one thing that will attract you. That’s their Dutch Coffee; this is a perfect coffee to pick up if you don’t want to visit a cafe everyday, and nor do you want to brew your own cold brew at home.

The coffee is in fact concentrated cold brew sold in a 750 ml bottle. You can pour 10 to 20 ml of this concentrate into a glass and fill the rest up with cold water, and you have your cold brew ready to serve at home. Isn’t that amazing for a lazy summer afternoon ?

And while you are at the Breeze Kitchen, also look out for their topokki and kimchi momo.

What To Expect: You can buy bottles of cold brew and take home and use it for days.

Price: Starting at INR 120

Sleepy Owl

Cold brew delivered to your doorstep – that’s what you get when you ask two law students to whip up a business idea. And no one’s complaining. These guys made it easy AF to have fun with cold brew – and also simple AF to understand what cold brew is on their web homepage. I’m sold on the coffee tonic – sounds weird, but give it a shot.

What To Expect: A website. Start by going here, placing an order, and wait for a Tuesday/Friday for the coffee to be delivered to your doorstep. Expect a brown cardboard box to show up, with instructions on how to have your cold brew in four different ways.

Keep In Mind: Sleepy Owl has been selling out fast. I tried ordering twice and missed the boat. Also, a carton comes with about eight -10 servings of Cold Brewed Chikmanglur coffee. At INR 550 a carton, that’s not a bad cost at all for someone else doing all the work.

Price: Starting at INR 550 for one box