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These 8 Gelato Ice Cream Places Have Us S(cream)ing With Joy


    Are you always on the lookout for creamy gelato ice creams but get hit in the face with bulk manufactured ice creams instead? Well, your search ends here.

    Here are eight gelato ice cream places that will transport you to a creamy and dreamy land, and have you feeling happy for a long time after.



    Available on LBB

    This cute little electric truck dishes out gelato ice cream on a stick in super fun shapes and flavours like peanut butter, red velvet, bounty and matcha. You can grab a paw, smiley face or a chocolate bar shaped gelato from Emoi for just INR 95. If you're more of a digger, get Emoi's brownie, mango or peach gelato jars and let the creaminess transport you to a different world altogether.

    Must Try: The pawffee stick!

    Price: INR 95 onwards



    Greater Kailash - 1, Delhi

    Another place serving gelato ice cream on a stick is StickHouse, a dessert parlour where you can pick a gelato flavour (cheesecake, mango, tiramisu and more), dip it in chocolate sauce and add a crunchy topping to it. Prices for gelato on a stick start at INR 90.

    Must Try: Conostick Belgian Chocolate!

    And if you're a purist, you can get a scoop of gelato ice cream in a paper cup or waffle cone.

    Price: A scoop starts at INR 65



    Golf Course Road, Gurgaon

    When you're done drooling over the crepes at Crepe-fe, head over to their gelato ice cream section and savour the swiss hazelnut, black fudge and biscotti flavours they have on offer. We also liked the gelato ice cream shakes at Crepe-fe that are made with their fresh in-house gelato.

    Must Try: Ferrero Rochaze

    Price: INR 149 onwards

    The Desserts Factory

    The Desserts Factory

    DLF Phase - 1, Gurgaon

    With the biggest gelato ice cream menu of all the places on this list, The Desserts Factory will leave you spoilt for choice and rightly so. From cherry to biscotti, rum & raisin, brownie and more, the flavours on display are amazing and they have a sugarfree option as well.

    Must Try: Chocolate Madagascar

    Price: A scoop of gelato start at INR 120


    Made in-house, the gelato ice cream at Sorrento will wow you with its creamy texture and density of flavour. Available in vanilla, Belgian chocolate, salted caramel, caramelized pineapple and cream cheese, the gelato is presented beautifully and is a fitting end to a great Italian meal at Sorrento. Or you can just pop in for dessert, they don't mind.

    Must Try: Salted caramel

    Price: A scoop of gelato ice cream at Sorrento will cost you INR 395



    Anand Lok, Delhi

    A crowd favourite, Diggin does gelato ice cream as well and the assortment of flavours like vanilla, Belgian chocolate, espresso and strawberry cheesecake that has us going back for more.

    Must Try: Strawberry Cheesecake

    Price: A scoop of gelato ice cream at Diggin is just for INR 95

    Big Chill Creamery

    When Big Chill Cakery opened up, we were excited. But when Big Chill Creamery opened up right next to it, we lost it! They're serving all our old favourite gelato flavours here as well as exclusive ones like chocolate raspberry swirl, and more. They're super creamy and the waffle cone goes perfectly with all the flavours. 

    Must Try: Reese's Peanut Butter Cup

    Price: INR 200 onwards

    Dolce Gelato

    Dolce Gelato

    Greater Kailash - 1, Delhi

    When it's literally in the name, you know they're serious about what they're serving up. Their gelatos are super creamy and very authentic! They've got flavours ranging from chocolate to sugar free options if you're looking for a slightly guilt-free indulgence. You can even get the gelato with a waffle if less is more is not something you believe in.

    Must Try: Tiramisu

    Price: INR 85 onwards