Listen Up Entrepreneurs: Free Wi-Fi Spots In Gurgaon

    We know a thing or two about working out of cafes, coffee shops and restaurants. Which is why we want everyone to be able to have easy access to joints that are welcoming, quiet and work-friendly. And, some fabulous food on the side doesn’t hurt. LBB and Gurgaon Foodies asked you, and here’s what came out on top.



    Connaught Place, Delhi

    Famous for its you know, free Wi-Fi, we hear the coffee isn’t too bad either, especially the roasted coffee pot and the mocha frappuccino. For the more health-focussed, try the iced green tea, or the skinny vanilla latte. Hungry? We hear the double meat sandwich, and yoghurt parfait is really good.

    PS: The mezzanine floor of Starbucks, Huda City Centre, gets extra points for being quiet. 

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    Recommended by Susmita Nag and Jasmine Vasudeva



    Hauz Khas, Delhi

    So, we know you already know, but their specialty is chai and there’s 12,000 permutations of it available. Chaayos {especially the Galleria one} lies relatively undisturbed through the day, especially when everyone else is at their place of work. Wi-Fi, on the house; consider it a side to your tea.

    Where: Find one nearest you here

    Recommended by Arnab Bhattacharya

    Di Ghent

    Di Ghent Cafe

    DLF Phase - 4, Gurgaon

    Relatively excellent for those seeking solitude, or some quiet time for meetings and quick work-related pop wows; Di Ghent serves some excellent food as well. Free Wi-Fi and an excellent cappuccino; ask for the bruschetta for lunch, and finish the day with waffles. It might fill up during lunch hours, but this is why we have earphones. {So, definitely not ideal if you’re thinking of having meetings}.

    Also, breakfast selection – definitely a front runner for most expansive collection. You can find out if you make it on time.

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    Recommended by Amrita Singh and Kanupriya Jain

    Another Fine Day

    Even if you have an hour’s worth of work, Another Fine Day will ask you to stay longer. And to entertain? A stocked bookshelf that you’re allowed to borrow from; this way they ensure you’re back to return it. Positioned as a reading room and cafe, it’s cosy, friendly, warm and near perfect if you’re looking to finish a blog post you’ve been struggling with. We see this as a perfect match for creative folk.

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    Recommended by Seema Sandhu

    Sibang Bakery

    Sibang Bakery

    Sector 53, Gurgaon

    Since it’s not very commercial, that inadvertently cuts down the noise level. With an amazing selection of food, authentic Korean desserts and great cuppa Joe, Sibang is a good pick to catch up with work in. You must know though, it is more of a cafe/bakery in its model, so don’t go expecting a fine-dining restaurant. Yes, free Wi-fi.

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    Recommended by Shefali Saxena

    Tea Halt

    Walk in and you’ll spot many the regular men and women on their phones/laptops/tablets/watches/some other hybrid on Skype calls that at least look like they’re work-related. As the name suggests, you have {paid} access to a wide variety of tea, a far cry from mass produced office chai, and some delish food you can feast on, if you need a distraction.

    PS: Only one of their Gurgaon outlets offers free Wi-fi, the Good Earth one.

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    Recommended by Sathyavageeswaran Ramaswamy

    Sakley’s The Mountain Cafe

    There’s all this talk of how snug and cosy Sakley’s is, as soon as you walk in. And that sounds like the order of the day, when you’re looking to sit with just your laptop all day. PS: They have a lot of live gigs, check ahead so you can skip the sound check noise etc. They do breakfast after 11am, and offer free Wi-Fi all day long.

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    Recommended by Swati Puri

    Madison and Pike

    Madison & Pike

    Sector 50, Gurgaon

    With free Wi-Fi, beautiful light cakes, and healthy sandwiches, you’ll have sustenance to keep the midday oil burning. Best news is, no one will be forcing you to leave.

    For them healthy workers, they have a range of six summer fresh salads; just don’t look at the dessert counter or menu. 

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    Recommended by Saumil Kulkarni

    Coffee and Chai Co.

    A relatively undiscovered, quiet space, they offer free Wi-Fi and a good menu to accompany it. But, that you’ll have to pay for. Weekends tend to get crowded, so maybe get your work done through the week. As for what to order, try their Chilli Cheese Toast, wrap sandwiches, and a good old hot cup of tea or coffee. Always ask for their homemade eggless tea cakes.

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    Recommended by Adrika Shetty

    Cafe Wanderlust

    Cafe Wanderlust

    DLF Phase - 4, Gurgaon

    Cafe Wanderlust brings together two of the greatest joys ever – travel and good food. Coupled with free Wi-Fi, having to work isn’t such a bad thing here. They have a rather extensive menu, which means loads of nibbles to keep you going. Board games and books available, for when you need a break.

    Find out more about the cafe and their menu here.

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