Bombay Street Food & Black Mojitos: You Won't Stop Snacking At This Ashok Vihar Cafe

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What Makes It Awesome

We can’t say whether it’s the whole comic book feel of Bombay Blast we like more or their desi snack bar approach to food. This restaurant in Ashok Vihar Phase 2, is getting its fair share of love for its Spiral Fries and Masala Pav Bhaji.

You’ll be able to spot Bombay Blast from a distance, thanks to its teal exteriors and pop art kind of branding. In fact, if we didn’t see the typical chaat counter outside, we’d have assumed it was a bakery. 

The cafe’s menu thankfully isn’t on a mission to confuse you with choices. It’s short, sweet and just large enough to accommodate the usual types of unannounced cravings. Your options here range between shakes, waffles, desi grub, juices, sandwiches and five different types of Pav Bhaji (including one that comes laden with cheese).

Want something to nibble on in-between meals? Make a beeline straight for their spiral fries, that come with garlic mayo, Chipotle and more dips. There’s also their famous Nutella & Nuts Waffle. For those with bigger appetites, there’s Tawa Pulao or Tawa Paneer Pizza (they claim they do this one really well).

Other crowd favourites include Soya Khumb Roomali and Bombay-style fruit juices. So go, unearth a little bit of Mumbai in Delhi. Good food aside, the service is pretty prompt and the prices aren’t going to scare you away. To give you an idea, the chaat starts at INR 99 and the pizzas at INR 150. Nice, right? 


Don't wish to head out? Order these Bombay style street food online on Zomato and hit up the "Message" button to get in touch with the folks at Bombay Blast.

Disclaimer: While it's best to order in if you do choose to step out for a bite make sure you follow all safety precautions by practising social distancing and wearing masks at all times.