Call Asia Central For Mouth-Watering Chinese And Vietnamese Food

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Asia Central in Shahpur Jat delivers extremely delicious and authentic Pan-Asian dishes, all well-packaged and delivered within an hour.

Who Is it For?

Anyone who loves delectable and authentic Chinese, Thai and Vietnamese food is in for a treat! While they’re a delivery-only outlet at the moment, we hope they expand into a full-fledged restaurant soon.


Konjee Crispy Lamb and Thai Basil Chicken. You can also gulp down the Chicken and Prawn Sui Mui while sipping some Tom Yum! And vegetarians, there are plenty of amazing dishes to choose from, including Spicy Mushroom & Chives dumplings to Chili Garlic noodles.

What Made Your Experience Awesome?

The mouthwatering food here just keeps calling us back for more. This is truly a flavourful experience for the tastebuds!