A Pool, Revolving Bar & More: Check Out This Carnival-Themed Restaurant

    What Makes It Awesome

    Ever dreamed of visiting carnivals in Mexico or Amsterdam? No need to go that far now. South Point Mall’s got something called the SouthPoint Carnival that's a community restaurant will transport you to one. The place is gargantuan, with a whopping area of 18,000 square feet and a seating capacity of 350 people.

    With their own breweries, bakeries and a live kitchen, they plan on completely changing the concept of dining out. To make your regular restaurant experience more engaging, they proudly boast they have unique food options, festive lighting and a splash pool for families to enjoy.

    What’s more, to get a chill, childhood vibe going, they’ve got swings for seating (you can sit in and around the pool, too!) as well as a revolving bar that could easily pass for a merry-go-round. Their menu, we’re told, consists of fusion food as well as Indian and Italian choices. 

    What Could Be Better

    Well, it is in Gurgaon, so Delhi peeps, you might have to set aside more time to check it out. 

    Pro Tip

    Plus, their breweries are going to be 5 HL breweries, as opposed to the usual 3 HL ones (essentially means they're bigger than the usual). Do give the brews a try!