Iconic Chache Di Hatti Serves Up Chole Bhature And Nostalgia

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Supercalifragilisticexpialidicious chole bhature. Enough said.

Who Is It For?

You – if you’re a chole bhature fan – and, to be honest, that’s all of us.


There are two tables in the alley to perch your plates, with juice and banta shops nearby {we suggest you get yourself a masala lemon as you line up}.

Must Try

They do only one thing – chole bhature – and they do it phenomenally well.

What We Loved

Going back to North Campus, we reminisced about younger, carefree times when enthusiasm was abundant but wallets tight. As students, we walked in the scorching sun to save rickshaw fare and earn our lunch.

Nine years on, life has turned on its head, but Chache di Hatti remains endearingly unchanged. Each plate is served with a smile, despite the increasingly impatient queue.

Hot, fluffy bhaturas {with a choice of aloo stuffing} and a generous serving of the tastiest chole {soft-yet-not falling apart}; each one daubed in intricate jhol with a dollop of tangy chutney and almost superfluous pyaaz mirch. Food nostalgia is legit, and Chacha’s chole-bhature are what yearnings are made of. It tastes the same each time, thankfully.

They also sell their in-house masala. You’re welcome.


Word is that this tiny counter in the back lane of Kamla Nagar market gets sold out every day. Be an early bird! Three queues run simultaneously {senior citizens, women and men}, with the first two moving invariably faster.