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Score Drinks For The Low, Low Price Of INR 17 At This Bar In Gurgaon

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Agent Jack’s is an auction bar, where instead of stocks and shares, drinks are up for bids and rates can drop to as low as INR 36!

Everyday You're Hustling

The bar and food exchange mechanism is a relatively novel concept in India. At Agent Jack’s Bidding Bar the process of auctioning drinks takes place through their app that lets users bid for their beverage. If Jack {the app’s Siri} likes the price you quote, the beverage’s all yours and if not, he responds with humourous comebacks to make you reconsider your offer.

On the app, drinks are listed down by category and the menu features the lowest offer of the day, the buy now price and the comparative price at other restaurants. The prices of the drinks fluctuate depending on the time of the day and the quantity & type of drinks you order.

Ideally, it’s best if you order more, because quantity means drinks at throw-away prices! The price range can vary from INR 17 – 75 for Old Monk or you can even get Bacardi starting at INR 36. More often than not, you’ll seal the deal with Jack for rates that are generally 10-15% lower than the MRP.

Which is a pretty good deal, we think.

Tipple Benefits

Jack’s friends are certainly getting super cool benefits as the microbrewery offers drinks at special prices for their frequent guests. More reasons to go there now, huh? Since the whole concept of the restaurant is around drinks, you’ll find a great variety of the same but what are drinks without some chakna?

At Agent Jack’s, you’ll find an array of cuisines like Continental, Oriental, Middle Eastern, Italian, North Indian but due to the importance of drinks here, special focus has been laid on finger food.

Here’s what we loved at Agent Jack’s – Lebanese Platter, Chicken Wings, Paneer Tikka, Ravioli Pockets and Palak Chaat. Pair the food with drinks from their vast menu and you’ll leave a happy {& tipsy} soul.

So, We're Saying...

Gather your whole gang {the bigger, the better} and head to Agent Jack’s for some low-key hustling. Trade well and you’ll be surprised by how cheap you can get the hooch for. Happy Bidding!