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Life Behind Chocolate Bars: Binge On Chilli Chocolates, Chocolate Nachos & More At Chocolatiers

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Chocolatiers in CR Park is a store full of heavenly Chocolate Truffles, chocolate jars, gooey Walnut Brownies, hand rolled choux pastries and more sinful desserts that will make you go weak at the knees. It is probably the sweetest place in Delhi we’ve recently come across.

Chocolate Makes Errything Better

Chocolatiers – The Chocolate Boutique in CR Park’s DDA Market is any broke chocolate lover’s dream come true. This tiny shop is run by a man who gave up his garment export business to pursue his love for all things sweet and boy, did he get it right!

This chocolate boutique offers all kinds of chocolates like milk, coffee, pine nut, imported Belgian chocolates, liquor-flavoured chocolates, Truffles etc. but what we’re digging is their exotic range of chocolates. On special request, the Chocolatiers will make Chilli Chocolates {INR 25} that are de-seeded chillies, washed in Vodka, filled and coated with layers of chocolate. They even offer Goat Cheese Chocolates {INR 50} and Nachos coated in chocolate that can be the perfect gift for the adventurous chocolate-lover. All their chocolates are individually wrapped in different foils, cellophane sheet, secured with a ribbon and packed in wooden boxes {talk about effort!}.

We’re also a fan of their soft, moist Walnut Brownies {INR 30} that we’d rather prefer eating all by ourselves. Also, try their dessert jars and cakes that will make you wish that everyday was a cheat day.

So, We're Saying..

Since the day we came across this shop, everyday kind of became a cheat day for us. So, being the well-meaning, considerate individuals that we are, we suggest that you carry limited cash when you go to this place or else, you’ll end up with multiple boxes of chocolates {considering how affordable everything is} and an unwanted guilt of deviating from your diet.