Kettles of Chai Paani & Bailey's Lollipops at Farzi Cafe, CP

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Cyber Hub‘s gem, Farzi Cafe has now opened shop in CP. Think more spacious interiors, a semi-outdoor area with plenty of natural light and fake grass, and a menu bursting with gastronomical delights, served in the prettiest way possible.


Asparagus & Water Chestnut Kurma with Appam, Pork Belly Tikka, Bailey’s Lollipop


Bunta {the alcohol version}, Chai Paani {also the alcohol version}


For their quirky presentation, which is a treat on its own, and their dapper staff

Let the games begin

We began our meal here with a Mishti Doi and strawberry amuse-bouche. This was followed by the Dal Chawal Arancini and the Chilli Duck Samosa {which we didn’t enjoy as much as we usually do at the Gurgaon outlet}.

We pigged out on a myriad of dishes post this. The Mini Raj Kachori {this had the right amount of chatpata flavours}, Prawn Tempura with Nimbu Chutney Foam {we felt the flavour of the prawn was missing}, Khandvi Spheres {meant to cleanse the palate, these were refreshing with an equal focus on sweet and savoury}, Meat Macaroni and Cheese Balls and our personal favourite, the Aam Chur Glazed Pork Belly Tikka served with apple slices- yum!

Gimme more

Farzi has no dearth of variety, so choosing a main course can be a bit of a challenge. We tried the Chicken Tikka Masala which came in a miniature phone booth typical of London and found it to be satisfying but not something to write home about. The Asparagus and Water Chestnut Kurma with Appam was the clear winner with its fresh vegetables and perfect blend of flavours.

Wash all this down with one of their smokey cocktails {we like the Farzi Apple Foamtini}, their alcoholic Bunta which comes in the typical bunta bottle or a kettle of Chai Paani- served with ice, this has vodka and Earl Grey tea and is absolutely refreshing. We’d come back just to keep sipping on this.

Sweet treats

Their popular Bailey’s lollipops have our hearts. Little spheres of chocolate and Bailey’s ice cream, they hit the sweet spot every time. We just wish they were a tad bigger. If you want to go all out, get the Milky Way- a platter of nine assorted bite-sized desserts {these represent the nine planets} topped with rabri ganache. Lot of hoo-ha here: The chef comes to the table with his molecular tools to put on a show for this one.

The Mud Pie is also a fun option; it comes with a side of Chocolate Tar, and is served with a spade. All in all, we’d definitely drop into Farzi again for a round or two of cocktails, snacks and eye candy.