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Food High At Bo-Tai

    Mehrauli, Delhi

    What Makes It Awesome?

    Food High at Bo-Tai

    As the “pun Intended” name suggests, Bo Tai is a Thai Fine Dine with a twist.

    Located in the posh ambience of Qutub neighbourhood, it has a fantastic indoor space and a lavish outdoor dining experience.

    *Must try Tropical Cocktails:*

    Full moon
    Rainbow Garden
    Bangkok Boulevard with a 24-carat gold brushed glass. Fancy.

    Avocado thinly sliced avocados with a dressing of yuzu soya.

    Avocado Arugula salad: finest Avocados from New Zealand along with mizuna lettuce and arugula.
    With a shredded raw mango garnish, toasted coconut and fried onion with a dressing of mint chutney. This is a star dish as they refer and it sure does justice to it.

    Smelted rice flour dumplings with water chestnut and corn with tamarind sauce. A perfect blend of Asian spices, fresh crunch of water chestnuts gives it a big thumbs up.

    Jackfruit bao with Lotus flour bun topped with habanero chilli jackfruit, Sriracha red crème and homemade mayonnaise with a garnish of fresh mango. As delicious as it sounds, it’s a perfect filler to wrap up your meal.

    Kobocha custard along with mango ice cream to end your meal with perfection.

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      Mehrauli, Delhi