Organic Meats, Livestock & A Pool – Cool Off At This Farm Near Gurgaon


    Only an hour’s drive from Gurgaon, The French Farm is perfect for that big pool party you’ve been planning.

    Farm-Fresh Food

    Started by Frenchman {and retired Air Force officer} Roger Langbour in 1994, The French Farms is rather well-known for it’s high quality organic food. Posted to Delhi in the 1970s, Roger served at The French Embassy and proceeded to fall head-over-heels in love with the national capital.

    However, as a foreigner, Roger was unimpressed by the quality of meat products available in India and was inspired to start an organic farm. Rearing Peking Ducks, pheasants, chicken, turkey and pigs, Roger’s organic farm has a loyal clientele, both in Gurgaon and Delhi, who swear by his meat products. Fresh from The French Farm, chicken, pork and turkey are delivered within Gurgaon {on Tuesdays and Saturdays} and in South Delhi {on Mondays and Wednesdays}.

    French Farms also has delicious, gourmet bread and organic vegetables such as baby carrots, cabbage, lettuce, asparagus, herbs and fennel.

    But That’s Not All

    French Farms has a gorgeous swimming pool and they’re happy to rent it out for a fun day in the sun! For INR 1,500, you can have a blowout BBQ pool party with delicious, organic hors d’oeurves to munch on. Very chic, very French – we think.

    Located on the Bilaspur-Tauru road, The French Farm is a green oasis that would make for a lovely pool party location. The pool area can accommodate about 70-80 people comfortably.

    So, We’re Saying…

    Get your fix of organic produce {The French Farm has an extensive product list} and bring in summer with the perfect pool party at this classy farm.