How To Brighten A Dark Room Creatively In 7 Easy Steps

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We all have that one spot or room in the house that’s hiding from the Sun (unless you live in a glass house on an island that is). Spaces that are low on light can have a direct impact on your mood. What can you do to brighten a dark room when knocking down walls or carving out more windows is not an option? Wait, before you say ‘shift houses’, here are 8 creative ways in which you can brighten up a dark room without sacrificing your life’s savings.

Mirrors - The More The Merrier


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Any interior designer worth their salt would tell you this is the most fool-proof hack to brighten up a dull space. Provided you place the mirrors strategically near a light source. For example, a giant wall or floor mirror near a window will amplify natural lighting. Mohh has minimalistic large round mirrors that will reflect natural light to stretch the illusion of a bright room. Just don’t make the mistake of placing it in a way that it blasts the morning sun straight into your eyes!

Decorate With Glass Accents

The Mohraj

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Double the amount of sunlight in your room by allowing it to bounce off reflective surfaces. Remember we are talking reflective and not glossy (because: glare). Acrylic accents, transparent furniture, metallic accents, and mirrored surfaces, can play to your advantage when it comes to bouncing light. Get antique-looking glass candle stands from Meera House of Bhindar. Check out The Mohraj that has a little bit of every reflective surface as decor.

Sheer Curtains To Let The Light In


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You can’t complain about a room being dingy if you have heavy curtains that block whatever little light it gets. Even if you don’t have large enough windows or doors to let the light in, and you must have curtains (because what’s a room without curtains), then make it sheer. These translucent beauties don’t just allow light but also filters it to give a dreamy vibe to the room. Zeba has just the kind we want. White sheer curtains splattered with gold sequin work.

No Heavy Furniture

Not just fuss-free, neat lines but also something that is low to the ground. Stuffing a dim room with oversized furniture is a rookie mistake. Leave ample space between furniture pieces. This way you will have more opportunities to introduce lights into those spaces. Maybe a charpoy (instead of bulky diwan) or handcrafted storage stand (instead of a heavy console) from Sirohi By Skilled Samaritan Foundation. It’s textured surface will allow the light to permeate through and spread in places.

A Big Bright Rug

Award Velvets

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You need a large sized rug to help expand visual space. A brightly-hued area rug to define a space in your room should do the trick. Apart from creating the illusion of an airy room, the texture play will help in upping the aesthetic of your room. Award Velvets has rugs, cushion covers, and throws, you can check out to create a space that radiates a happy vibe. Our pick: this embossed self-design rug in pink!

Goodbye Gallery Walls


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The best advice anyone can give you to brighten up a dull space is to clear the clutter. This applies to the walls as well. Those gallery walls and polaroids on burlap strings won’t help. The walls should be as bare (and white) as possible so that all the light can be reflected. Instead put up one big vibrant artwork that will elevate the mood and look of the space. Custde has these large wall art panels of pinterest-y nature views and abstract art, that you can check out.

Make The Lights Look Up

Instead of focusing a bright light on a narrow area, try illuminating the walls or ceiling. Use a wall sconce or torchiere floor lamp to direct the light upward. This will help make up for lack of light on the ceiling as it gets dark outside. Studio Indigene has unconventional lighting with bare bulbs and wooden stands/holders that will help achieve this effect. The Viyog Floor Lamp from this brand is the perfect option to wash the walls & ceiling with a warm ambient glow.