How To Channel The Goan Vibes In Your City Apartment


    You need not empty your coffers or exhaust all your annual leaves to take a vacation in Goa every chance you get. While the palm-fringed beaches, vibrant nightlife, lip-smacking seafood etc is not hard to come by in a city. What is rare in fact is this heady mix of Portuguese architecture and Indian kitsch. To get that going in your apartment, all you have to do is follow this list. That’s your one-way ticket to this seaside paradise. No coming back from bliss, and here’s how.

    Cane Furniture


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    A unique mix of rustic, colonial, and country decor, Goan houses have one prominent feature when it comes to furniture - wood and cane. After the Rattan Revolution, we have seen happening in home decor worldwide, this shouldn’t be hard to achieve. Opaque Studio is known for giving stunning makeovers to any old piece of furniture using rattan. You must check out the home accessories they offer. The teak wood magazine holder with cane weaving on the outside will be a great addition to start your Goan decor with. The Green Collective is another brand you must check out if you love all things cane.

    Cerulean Art


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    If you want to channel proper beach vibes, be sure to add a lot of blues and greens. The ideal way to do that is with hand painted tin-glazed ceramic tiles, that you will find predominantly in shades of blue. The patterns add plenty of texture to the spaces. If changing your flooring isn’t an option (because it is time-consuming and expensive), bring in the blues with Folkstorys’ exquisitely hand painted blue pottery. We also liked this blue floral vase from Viskaa. This brand also has coconut crockery that screams Goa like nothing else does!

    Ornamental Accents


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    Ornamental is a fundamental aspect of the Goan style of decor. Which means you can afford to go a little overboard while choosing the decorative accents. From fancy mirrors to tall planters to heavy chandeliers. Simply err on the side of heavy and ornate accessories because that is just how a true Goan would do it! When we think of ornate mirrors we think of Yatha. Also the distressed texture adds to the whole laidback, old world vibe. Also see FOS Lightings - from nautical rustic pendant lights to a knotted rope light, their stuff is very hipster.

    Kitschy Knick Knacks

    Vintage Vistara

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    No right or wrong way of doing kitsch. While some love to go OTT with an overload of colour and print, others will be happy with just a couple of statement kitsch pieces. There are no rules, except one. Say yes to everything handmade and upcycled. The creative geniuses can DIY the hell out of scrap. For the rest of us there are brands like Vintage Vistara (the hand painted kettles are kitschy on point!), Uru India (love the kitschy doll sets and salt & pepper shakers), Off The Wall (old furniture and decor made strikingly new!), and Studio Moya (hand painted Madhubani wall hoops)

    Balcony Garden

    Trellis Bliss

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    Every Goa villa has a front porch called the balcao. In fact it is a tradition in Goa to have an open area at the entrance of your home. Well, living in a city, you cannot always hope to have that. So the next best thing is a balcony garden. If you already have one, and are looking to revamp it a bit to bring about Goan vibes, here’s how you can do it. If you have the space but not the slightest clue on how to get started with the greens, check this out. If you are fortunate enough to have a patio, this list will come in really handy in setting up a pretty outdoor space. For everyone with a blessed green thumb, don’t miss adding Trellis Bliss to your balcony/patio/backyard/indoor garden. From plant accessories, potting soil, grow bags, planters and more, this brand has all your gardening needs covered.

    Patterned Rug

    Boriya Basta

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    Go bold or go home - that’s the mantra you’ve to stick by when bringing Goa home. Whether it’s wall art or accessories or floor coverings, don’t be afraid to use bold colours and prints. We suggest a large area rug with striking colours and patterns that stand out. We love Boriya Basta for all the Boho vibes it brings. The kilim weaves, bold geometric designs, and striking colours, come together to give you rugs and cushion covers that add a lot of texture, colour and style to your space.

    Nautical Decor

    The Tassle Life

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    What’s Goan decor without some true blue nautical accents? Get a proper a bang for your buck with basic beachside decor. We found this brass decorative ship from Vintage Crafts that you can put on a console table or near the entryway. Add this minimal-looking rope mirror from Mohh to your living space. The humble rope is a common sight with almost every Goan shore, used as a safety measure or to moor boats. Another pretty seaside decor element we stumbled upon is this embroidered hoop from The Tassle Life. A colourful image of seashells and starfish washed ashore.