The Big Bawa Breakfast at SodaBottleOpenerWala Is A Royal Feast

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A breakfast spread meant for long lazy winter mornings that slowly extend into afternoons, The Big Bawa Breakfast at SodaBottleOpenerWala features an all-star cast of Parsi treats and is happy comfort in every bite.

Exceeding Eggspectations

The Parsi love for the edu extends to the breakfast table too, and it shows up in the most delicious of ways. The Poro {a Parsi-style flat omelette} is a perfect way to start and you can choose this in a herby, smoky or a very meaty version. The best part-your melt in the mouth omelette comes with a bevy of sassy sides, from crispy hash browns, to brown pao, grilled veggies, garlicky baked beans and cheesy creamy potatoes. If you like your eggs a bit gooey and runny, then we pick the Eggs Kejriwal for you-half fried eggs over cheesy mushrooms and soft pao- this is the old school nostalgia in every bite.

For compulsive carnivores, there is also the Keema Pav and Grilled Sausages to pair with your choice of eggs.

Sweet Nothings

Balance the savoury with a spot of sweet and get a portion of the Navsari style French Toast for a fruity carb treat. For the slightly more watchful types, we suggest any one of the Ragi and Oats Pancakes {our personal favourite is the one slathered with whisky cream and espresso, and then casually drizzled with a dribble of honey}, these are light, fluffy and perfect to share.

Drink Up Dhikra

Wash down all the gluttony with the in-house signature Nitro Brew- an iced coffee brew with a lashing of nitrogen to cut the heaviness, serving up an invigorating drink. Get the lime and cinnamon version for a tart and gently sweet swig. There are also fabulously fresh juices and smoothies to jumpstart your day. For more traditional folks, the Irani Chai is your access to the Milky Way, and it is just right with some Bun Maska on the side.

So We're Saying...

Submit to the temptation of having a large, eggy, gooey, cheesy, fruity kick-off to your day with the Big Bawa Breakfast.

When: 9am – 12pm

Price: INR 600 for two {approximately}