Artisanal Scents From Lucknow You Can't Help But Fall In Ishq With!

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More often than usual, we come across perfumes and scents that are from outside of India. ISAK, on the other hand, is creating artisanal fragrances of rare notes and blends inspired by the city Lucknow!

Their story begins back in the 1850s with Mr. Chunnamal Vijayvergiya, the founder of ISAK’s apothecary, who knew how to entice, excite and create an experience as a perfumer. ISAK comes from a family of perfumers who have been in this business for over 160 years. The brand ISAK is three-years-old. They’re still based in Lucknow and each of their essence is still measured, blended and formulated by hand, as it was a century ago!

I was fortunate enough to receive a package from them, and boy was I floored. Most of their essence is unisex, however, they’re all starkly different. ISAK’s ‘Top Of The World’ scent has Musk and Cinnamon as the base, Calonne and Rosemary as the heart and Lemon and Melon as the top note. It’s a 50 ml glass bottle that comes resting in their comfortable packaging.

Apart from that, I also got to try their Discovery Pack which has a sample collection of 9 of their fragrances in 2 ml mini-vials. It’s only for INR 650, and I definitely recommend getting this first, and deciding which essence you’d want to flaunt.
A cherry on top is that ISAK is a vegan, ethical and authentic brand.

Getting to know this local brand has been nothing but a fantastic journey. You can read all about their interesting story, and browse through their collection on their website!