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Over D Top Bistro

locationLajpat Nagar - 4

Dig Loud Music, Shisha & Board Games? Climb Up To Over D Top Bistro

Navni posted on 08 September


We recently stumbled upon Over D Top Bistro – a spacious cafe in Amar Colony, on the third floor right above Pizza Hut. With a painfully colourful terrace, super loud music and shisha at affordable prices, this is the perfect hub for college students.

Chow Down

Crumbly Mushroom, Chicken Basil Sizzler, Creamy Pesto Pasta

Sip On

Kiwi Basil Smoothie, Frozen Apple Pie Shake

Winning For

A quirky terrace, perfect for the winter month

Are You Game?

Go up a far-from-glamorous stairway to a spacious terrace with colourful walls and cushions; just follow the sound of loud, loud music.

We’ve always had a liking for places which keep board games for those moments when conversation isn’t thriving {nothing’s more awkward than a group of people sitting in silence, don’t you think?} and we were happy to see Over D Top’s stock of Pictionary, Chess, Ludo and Uno.

Now if only they’d drop the volume a notch… or 10.

Sizzlers And Smoke

The menu, as is the norm with most student-friendly cafes, isn’t the most extensive, but whatever we ordered, we liked.  This includes the Chicken Basil Sizzler which comes sizzling hot in a large lettuce cup; it essentially tasted like the quintessential chilli chicken with bits of basil leaves thrown in and mixed with a portion of rice {or noodles}.

The Crumbly Mushrooms were another winner, with their crispy outer layer and cheesy insides. And if you’re very hungry, the creamy pesto pasta might be the best-o.

Wash it all down with a shake {we like the Frozen Apple Pie} or a smoothie {Kiwi Basil all the way} for best results. And if you like blowing some smoke rings, their shisha {priced at INR 399} will serve you well. They’ve got the standard flavours along with a few paan variants and a flavour mysteriously named 666.

So, We're Saying...

Over D Top isn’t your place if you’re looking for good conversation {and please don’t go here for a date} but if you seek loud thumping music, great hookah and some tasty fare at affordable prices, it’s worth a climb.

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Casual Dining

Over D Top Bistro

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    Nearest Metro Station: KAILASH COLONY
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locationLajpat Nagar - 4

E-130, 3rd Floor, Amar Colony, Lajpat Nagar 4, New Delhi

Casual Dining

Over D Top Bistro

locationLajpat Nagar - 4