We Found 3,000 Manga Comics & The Fluffiest Pancakes Ever At This Cafe

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It’s hard to fathom that Mangaful has been around for four years and we got wind of it only recently. Apart from an impressive collection of Manga Comics {3-4,000 of them, we hear}, the cafe has some interesting eats on the menu {Grilled Hamburg Steak and Teriyaki Chicken Don included}.

Soba So Good

Run by one of the sweetest Japanese guys, Yasu, Mangaful is one of those places that’s popular with the few folks that really keep its kitchen going. On a sultry afternoon, we bumped into a Japanese man enjoying his bowl meal with the precision of a scientist and in utter silence. At this point, we were convinced we were getting the real deal {they do have Takoyaki or an octopus ball and Yakionigiri or a Japanese rice ball}.

We ordered a mint mojito and fresh lime soda to hydrate ourselves and with every sip, we felt like our balance and sanity was being restored. The freshly-pounded mint leaves and the distinct flavour of black salt in the soda made the drinks taste familiar and homely, but amazing nevertheless.

Drinks down, we treated ourselves to an egg sandwich. Crisp on the outside and buttery and mustard-y on the inside, we’d have it for snacks in a heartbeat when we go again. Since this was clearly not enough for our partially hungry stomach, we decided to get a plate of pancakes as well. And boy, were we in for a surprise? Fluffy and soft as a pillow, these were the fattest, cutest pancakes we’ve ever eaten. They come with vanilla ice cream, some dipping honey and two tiny blocks of butter. Yes, they are totes Instagrammable, but more than that, they’re irresistible.

When we can muster up the courage to go to Sultanpur again, we’re attacking their special French toast and Japanese chicken egg rice.

So, We're Saying...

In a secret little room right behind the cafe, they are designing a cosy furniture store. In fact, they’ve got Yasu Crafts that has souvenirs, gifts and made-to-order furniture.

If you live/work around the area, ask for their yoga classes on Tuesday and Thursday.