Try Mizo Diner’s Hot, Comforting Pork & Buff Dishes For A Perfect Meal

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What Makes It Awesome

Mizo Diner is a teensy, cheery space where local artists drift in and out to create and display their work, while scratching their itch for honest Mizo food.

Our quest for more than parathas and rajma-chawal led us to Mizo Diner in Humayunpur, Safdarjung Enclave. Expect anything from documentary screenings to impromptu art exhibitions, bamboo shoots prepared with traditionally preserved pork fat to french fries.

For us at LBB, Mizo Diner represents exotic food, culture, and almost everything that a boring work day is not. Our lunches from the place usually include their Chicken Stir Fry with Seasonal Vegetables (at INR 260). The starchy Fried Rice (at INR 100) is so good that all we want to do post, is curl up and take a snooze. If the references to roast pig head and buff intestines get too overwhelming, you’ll be safe with the Chicken Curry (at around INR 250) and Fried Rice, though at their prices, one really should experiment.

While the food and service are all too quick, when we order in, it’s the small add-ons like the supremely hot onion-chilli concoction that keep things interesting for us. Their juicy momos are perfect and with a green chilli paste that has the ability to make us pass-out for a week (minimum).

Finding the place can be a little tough because it is truly off the beaten path, but if you’re in the neighbourhood, drop by for the laid-back charm and friendly faces. We usually get some lemonade (at INR 70-80) and reflect on the many, many faces of this gorgeous city.

What Could Be Better

Sometimes the food can be oily, but that is easily amended if one requests.