Shiny Shoes Out: Party Till Dawn At This Luxe Club That’s Open Till 4am

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Party peeps in the city who prefer their clubs more lavish than the usual, look no further than the Playboy Club inside the Samrat Hotel. It stocks premium liquor (champagne towers FTW), has awesome DJ gigs, has private dining areas, and is open till 4am.

What Makes It Awesome

The makers have left no stone unturned in creating a sense of grandeur about every inch of the space. The club has a high ceiling—40 feet to be precise and we couldn’t help but be impressed with their first-rate light and sound system. There are two mini-stages, mezzanine VIP tables and a flight of stairs overlooking the dance floor (which TBH, we wish was a little bigger). The DJs play some awesome sets and to keep you grooving.

We say, book your tables well in advance, because the place is only open from Wednesday to Sunday and can get pretty packed, especially on Saturday nights. 

What Could Be Better

Compared to the food, and the service, we felt that the pricing of the place is a bit too steep - a pint of beer will cost you around INR 600). Also, the whole vibe is a bit misogynist. For the girls out there—you may not feel particularly at home, and we'd advise against going alone/with girlfriends.