Say Hello To Summer With These 5 Ayurvedic Beauty Products

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Summer is knocking on our door and by the look of it, seems a long and dreadful one! Change of season is also the time to re-look at your skincare regime. The products you were using for winters might not be the best for summers.

Here is a low down on everything Ayurvedic you need in your dresser now.

Day Lotion

A non-greasy, smooth and light weight lotion is just what your face needs for the summers. And Forest Essentials’ Lavender and Neroli lotion fits the bill. Lavender has therapeutic and calming properties while Neroli’s healing and regenerative qualities help to firm and clarify the skin.  It also has an SPF 25 offering protection from harmful rays of sun. What else can one ask for!

Price: INR 1,750

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Lip Balm

Say buh-bye to dry and chapped lips with the Narangi Glaze lip balm from Forest Essentials. Endowed with the goodness of almond oil and a hint of sweet narangi juice, the balm moisturises lips and leaves them soft and glossy.  Trust us when we say you would to lick this off your lips!

Price: INR 595

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Facial Mask

Rising mercury leads to problems such as sun burn, tan, acne, dullness, etc. Thus providing super food to skin is important. Forest Essential’s Madhulika Nourishing Honey Lep, made from the ancient Ayurvedic texts does exactly the same. It’s packed with ingredients such as fermented raw cane sugar, fresh orange juice, organic honey, herbs and cold pressed organic oils.

Price: INR 1,625

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Bathing Bar

If you can’t afford the luxury of a bathtub, simply dip yourself in the refreshing blend of pure vetiver essential oil and extra virgin organic coconut oil with Kama Ayurveda’s Natural Khus Soap. The earthy, reviving scent of vetiver will leave you with a cooling and refreshing sensation.

Price: INR 425

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Hair Treatment

We often met out step-motherly treatment to our hair ignoring it most of the times. But Kama Ayurveda has made our life simpler with Brigandi Intensive Hair Treatment Oil. This traditional Ayurvedic recipe consisting of potent herbs extracted into pure sesame oil and milk is the secret to lush and silky hair. It works to condition the hair, remove dandruff, promote hair growth, prevent infections and cool the scalp.

Price: INR 1,050

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