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We Tried Out Sheraton New Delhi’s New Chinese Restaurant, Yi Jing, And We’re in Love!

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What Makes It Awesome

Some days when we wake up drooling, we know it wasn’t because we were sleeping heavy, but simply because we were really, really craving Chinese food. Thin skinned crystal dumplings, sizzling plates at a Tiě Bǎn, Sichuan pepper-infused delicacies - and, if we’re feeling fancy, some perfectly cooked Peking Duck too - nothing can really replace the experience of Chinese food. So, when we visited Yi Jing, Sheraton, New Delhi’s new authentic Chinese restaurant, we already had high expectations. If there’s one thing that we can tell you on that end, it’s that we weren’t disappointed at all! 

Yi Jing tries to make a point about what you can expect from its menu with its ambience as well as its name - while “Yi” means “to change”, “Jing” refers to the classic. This reflects well in their menu as well as seating options. Not only do they provide options for a Hot Pot table, but also a live Tiě Bǎn, which is the Chinese rendition of Teppanyaki grills if you’re looking for a unique culinary experience. Their a la carte menu, however, absolutely has our heart. Pair their options up with their innovative cocktails and you’d be ready to have a blast! Read on for our recommendations.

Dimsums - As for their vegetarian options, go for their Truffle Edamame Dumpling, Crystal Veg Dumplings and Lotus Stem Char Sui Dumplings. For their non-vegetarian options, try out the Seafood Tobiko Dumpling, BBQ Pork Bao, Spicy Bullet Chili Chicken Dumpling and Chicken Coriander Shao Mai. Honestly, there’s not a single one of their dumpling options that we did not love. The delicate flavours combined with thin dumpling skins and modern twists to the garnish are enough to warm your soul. 

Appetisers - Our favourite vegetarian options were their Hong Kong Style Asparagus and Chili Green Bean with Sichuan Pepper - these are the options that bring out the flavor of chilies and peppers in all their crispness without really having them bite into your throat. As for the non-vegetarian options, we love their Steamed Scallops with Spicy Garlic and Glass Noodles, Sliced Duck in Chilli Hoisin Sauce and Garlic Lamb Ribs. The star dish however, is their Sichuan Style Crispy Prawns - bursting with flavours and delicious textures!

Mains - The vegetarians absolutely have to try out their Mapo Tofu, Wok-Fried Silken Tofu, as well as Lotus Stem Snow Peas and Black Fungus with Garlic- honestly, just take your gang and try all of these out! The non-vegetarians need to give a go to Prawns with Bell Pepper in Black Pepper Sauce, Stir-Fried Shrimps and Green Peas, Sweet and Sour Sauce Pork Ribs, Gong Bao Chicken, and the absolute stars of their mains options - Fish Filets in Hot Chili Oil and Crab in Chili Bean Sauce. The chef comes to your table to present the Fish Filet, completing the cooking process right in front of you. Exciting stuff! 

Cocktails - Yi Jing has brought exciting twists to classic cocktails with their Modern Classics, but we absolutely love their Farm to Bar Portions and Yi Jing Signatures. We love the tones of cardamom in their Mainland Colada, and their Shanxi Sour, an authentic Chinese cocktail, is as delicious as it is aesthetically pleasing. Their V & Tea is an intelligent concoction of vodka and jasmine tea that can soothe your soul as much as it can give you a buzz. Yi Jing’s cocktails are an experience in themselves and can be reason enough to make a trip in themselves. 


Book your Hot Pot and live Tiě Bǎn tables in advance, since they only have limited seating for the same. They’ve also got a private lounge and a semi-private table if that’s the kind of setting you’re looking for! Also, pair your mains with their staple homemade hand-pulled noodles - they’re the in-house special for Yi Jing.