Concrete, Strong & Elegant: We Found A Haven For Planters & Candles


    What Makes It Awesome

    This brand is redefining the way we look at concrete and we're loving it!

    Say hello to Conkreate - a home decor brand that makes planters using concrete. Brainchild of Ashrey Dhawan and Aanchal Walia, the brand transforms this "hard and cold material into warm, soft and imaginative shapes." The collection majorly includes outdoor and indoor planters, but expect to find lovely scented candles with wooden lids too! Think fragrances like Vanilla, Rose, Mogra and more. They are all handcrafted to perfection and lend a certain minimalism and a very earthy vibe to any space they occupy. 

    Our personal favourites are definitely the Terrazo planters that will vibe well in every nook and corner of your house. Our suggestion? Place it near the window and it's sure to turn heads. You can also gift some of these little babies to friends and family. It's easy peasy on the pocket too.

    Price starts at INR 400 and you can shop them right here, on LBB.