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Switch To These Herbal Teas To Clarify The Skin & Cleanse Your Body Inside-Out

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The first time I drank green tea was way back in 2007. It was the rage back then and was supposed to be the panacea for every problem from skin to weight loss. It all sounded good on paper but, as we all know, green tea for everyone has been an acquired taste. I had to use all my self control not to throw up after the first sip, because it was dry, bitter and tasted like hell. I’ve moved on since then from the basic green to many other herbal teas all of which I find immensely beneficial in improving skin condition. Of course your cup of herbal tea {not green because it contains caffeine} also counts among the glasses of water that you need to drink in a day.

The teas that I’m drinking clarify the skin because they improve liver function and purify the blood. But even if your skin is in perfect condition, a detox tea is the perfect tool to reduce some of the toxic load on your kidneys and liver. These poor organs metabolise alcohol, animal protein, junk food, antibiotics, painkillers, environmental toxins, and even hormones produced by stress. With this in mind, here are my top clarifying teas:

Purearth Detoxifying Wild Nettle Infusion

Detoxifying Wild Nettle Whole Leaf Tisane Infusion

I became a huge believer in the skin-clearing powers of nettle tea when I read that Calgary Avasino {who used to be British Vogue’s Beauty & Wellness Director} drank this first thing in the morning to detox. I’ve been drinking nettle tea for the last eight or so years and I find that my skin is definitely healthier when I drink it. The reason is that nettle tea helps improve liver function. Your liver produces bile, blood and also a large amount of lymph {to clean the internal systems}. Sluggish liver function leads to hives, eczema and psoriasis, so drinking nettle tea will help your skin be more resistant to allergies.

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Organic Tulsi Cleanse Liver & Kidney Support

Tulsi Cleanse

Let me warn you right in the beginning – this tea is VERY bitter. Like any health addict I like to add two tea bags to a massive cup of water and even I could not take more than two sips of this tea. But when I reduced it to just one tea bag per cup, the tea is much more palatable. One must keep in mind that anything bitter in taste is detoxifying for the body – be it neem, karela or this detoxifying tea. The main ingredient in this tea is katuki {picrhiza kurroa}, a wonderful rhizome just like turmeric, characterised by its bitter taste. The great thing about katuki is that it can detoxify the liver of any excesses like alcohol soon you’ve had it {like the morning after an all nighter}. And it also works to heal long standing liver conditions and damage. I just love this herb and love this tea despite the bitter taste.

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Disclaimer: If you’re pregnant check with your doctor before drinking any herbal tea. This post contains affiliate links that are NOT paid for.

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