There’s Nothing A Good Massage Can’t Fix! Go To This Spa To Feel As Good As New

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What Makes It Awesome

Masah Spa in Defence Colony is my new resort to happiness. It’s a cozy little place beside the Defence Colony flyover nestled in a peaceful basement that will make you feel like you’ve walked out of the city. To top it all, the staff is super friendly and welcoming, one of the many reasons why I want to go back again.

I opted for the Detox & Revive therapy, cause we might be in the first month of summer but the sun has already got me and I can feel the tan all over my skin. In order to wash the tan off, I really felt the need to get a body scrub and wrap myself with essential oils, and Masah Spa gave me exactly what I was looking for. My aromatherapy started with a peaceful steam bath followed by a body scrub and a hot shower that gave my weekend a blissful start already. Post that, I was given a face and head massaged that distressed every nerve in my body and made me feel like I am ready to move mountains once I step out of this room. But wait, this whole beauty treatment was followed by a herbal green tea and I couldn’t have asked for more.

After a day full of paraben {read chemical} free products and the much needed pampering, I can’t wait to try their other services like different types of facial {inspired from France} which are high on minerals and vitamins that help in restoration of all the lost essentials of the skin. They also have anti-ageing treatments that will help you look younger and brighter!

Oh and if you’re a bride-to-be, go for the brightening facial and shine bright like a diamond.

Whenever you go here, ask for Diana cause she fo’ sho’ made me feel special and I am going here again for her.