LBB Rated All The Burgers At Dunkin' Donuts

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Heaven Can Wait

So aptly named. With two patties—one spicy chicken and one pepper chicken—this is the King of the list. There’s no way you can go wrong with this one.

#LBBTip: Ask for no veggies {no lettuce, no tomatoes anything} and enjoy.

#LBBRating: 4.5/5

Original Tough Guy Chicken

A mildly spicy, flavourful chicken patty, lettuce, onions, tomatoes and cheese sandwiched between a bagel bun- one of their signature burgers and one of our favourites. The ingredients have varied textures that keep the palate from getting bored and their spicy mayo is the cherry on the sundae.

#LBBTip: It’s a messy burger; keep plenty of tissues on hand!

#LBBRating: 4/5

Potato Hash Brown

We’re big fans of their hash browns {especially post a night of drinking} but the burger’s just as good. A contemporary spin on the aloo burger we’ve all sampled from street food vendors, it comes with onions, tomatoes and a hint of spicy mayo. Simple but delicious.

#LBBTip: It’s a relatively smaller burger, so if you’re famished, order two, or a side of hash browns {which come in threes}.

#LBBRating: 4/5

Naughty Lucy Chicken

Picture yourself taking a big bite into a burger and having to struggle with melted cheese gushing out and going everywhere. That’s Naughty Lucy for you. The cheese, chicken patty, chipotle sauce, sourdough buns, and fresh veggies makes it so, so good.

#LBBRating: 3.5/5

Crunchy Joe

When we ordered this, we expected the chicken to be crunchy, a la KFC, but it’s only the bread that’s been toasted. Now we know why it’s cheaper than the other burgers.

#LBBRating: 2/5

Potato Wedges N Pie

If you like potatoes, this is the burger for you. However there are no other veggies other than onions, and that makes it pretty dry. With very little dressing, it makes for quite a mouthful, with the potato overpowering everything else.

#LBBRating: 2/5

Double Mutton

The meat was spicy and salty, but we felt it still lacked some flavour. The burger needed more sauce, and the patty needed to be juicier- the whole thing ended up being pretty dry, making us wonder why we ordered it. Most likely not getting this again.

#LBBRating: 2/5

Spicy Grilled Chicken

A simple burger, we were expecting more spice {it did have two chillies on the menu!}. A couple of pieces of chicken, thrown together with a creamy sauce and some onions, it wasn’t a bad tasting burger. It just wasn’t great either. Comfortably ensconced in the middle of the pack.

#LBBRating: 3/5

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