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Chicken Chettinad, Shawarma & 8 Other Bizarre Pizzas You Have To Try In Delhi

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Pizza is life and if given a choice, we’d eat it for all three meals. And whereas we love our basic Margheritas, there are some peeps in town doing crazy things with this staple. Here are eight pizzas in Delhi which go beyond the usual. Would you try them?

Butter Chicken Pizza At Andrea's Eatery

It’s not a surprise that these two dishes combined tastes absolutely heavenly. If you like your cheese as much as you like your spicy tangy butter chicken, we’re not really sure what you’re waiting for. Head to Andrea’s Eatery to try this masterpiece. We hear FLYP@MTV, Jughead’s, Too Mikki Tapas, Imperfecto and Circus also do a great version.

Breakfast Pizza, Dal Makhni Pizza & Chicken Chettinad Pizza At PePizza

PePizza is a game changer when it comes to our favourite dish. It exeriments with everything you can even think of – there’s a dal makhni pizza, a breakfast pizza {think bacon and eggs} and a Chettinad pizza {south Indian flavours on a pizza, who’d have thunk!} are just a few of their bizarre yet delish creations. And they deliver 24 hours! It does sound too good to be true.

Dessert Flatbread Pizza At The Public Affair

The Public Affair is one of the only places in town doing Peruvian food. Once you’re done gorging on their picture-perfect salads and fresh ceviche, ask for the dessert pizza. You’ll get flatbread topped with chocolate, marshmallows, candy and ice cream. Yum!

Aloo Gobhi Pizza At Jamie's Pizzeria

We were as flabbergasted as you are. But think about it. Chilli sauce + mozzarella + spiced potato and cauliflower + coriander + lemon + chilli. Next time mummy dares to call pizza junk food, feed her a slice of this immediately.

PS: They have a pretty kickass Courgette and Potato Pomodoro pizza too.

Shawarma Pizza At Soi 7

Don’t go expecting rolls on pizza and you won’t roll out disappointed. Do expect chicken and hummus all mixed up with cheese and a delish tomato sauce. And DO NOT forget to pair it with a freshly-brewed beer {we always order the wheat}.

Maggi Pizza At Wood Box Cafe

This will take more than two minutes but your favourite masala-y noodles sitting atop a piping hot cheese pizza is worth it. We hear a lot of places do this but Wood Box is our pick.

Chocolate PIzza At Walled City Cafe

The Walled City Cafe in Jama Masjid has taken things just a little further: A Margherita pizza topped with chocolate chips. It’s a mix of sweet and savoury and definitely not everyone’s cup of coffee. Would you try it?

PS: The Chocolate Room  also does chocolate pizzas {minus the cheese and the tomato sauce} in variants like chocolate and dates, chocolate and marshmallow etc.

Have suggestions for this list? Let us know in the comments section below!