West Delhi Folks Missing Big Chill? Try Cafe Me For Mad Variety

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Cafe Me is a Janakpuri discovery we’re actually proud of. The ambience is worth writing home about, the lamb burger’s the best we’ve had and the pizzas are cheesy AF.

For Me, You & Everybody

The Community Centre was definitely on its best behaviour the weekend we visited. The surroundings were swept clean, the ATMs had no serpentine queues and Cafe Me looked like freshly-showered with its woody exterior and tiny bakery.

This inviting looking cafe, in fact, also turned out quite the star in the food department. With everything between pizzas, Thai curry, burgers, brekkie, waffles, baos, parathas, pita, sandwiches, tikkas and co, the choice did get a bit overwhelming, but the Strawberry and Brownie Smoothie’s getting the first mention in our love letter followed {very closely} by the juicy lamb burger with perfectly charred patty, crispy bacon, melting Cheddar and a fried egg.

Want to hear the meat eater’s verdict after the meal? “It’s the best burger I’ve had in India.” Tall claim? Go check it out for yourself.

We Hadn't Had Enough, Clearly

We were so consumed by how good everything tasted that we packed a Genovese pizza for home and after four hours of sitting in the fridge, all it needed was a quick run in the microwave to make the cheese, sundried tomatoes, olives and pesto to come to life. We tasted heaven in every bite. Seriously.

Biceps And Big Appetites Both Win

The peeps behind Cafe Me understand that sometimes all it takes to satisfy our {very} West Delhi tastes are tikkas and saag and makki ki roti, which is why their winter menu has them in olive oil versions! There’s a whole world of salads, Faux Dal Makhani and baked yogurt as well; no toned body should turn these down. 

We could gush for a long time but we’ll leave you with this: Their portions are good, the taste’s excellent and hey, we got espresso and biscotti on the house.