A Evening Filled With Delicious Fare & Qafila At Kava!

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What Makes It Awesome?

Qafila means a convoy or a caravan in Arabic. True to its name, the Qafila at the Kava restaurant in Fairfield By Marriott in Bellandur is a wonderful place for a great meal. The beautifully detailed and vast menu had eight categories of delicious food, starting from Shorbas, the slow-simmered vegetable or meat broths, seasoned and served perfectly not as a precursor to the meal, but something that is savoured throughout your entire meal.

- The Murg Badami Shorba, I had was rich, creamy, with a hit of saffron, rather than a hint, with beautiful nutty flavours from the badam, absolutely delicious.
- The next choice, of course, is from 'Ratan Kosh', which are essentially appetizers in the western cuisine, but in Indian cuisine, they are served more as an entree or small mains that need that special, individual attention that it deserves.
- The Gilawat Ke Kebab with sheermal roti was something that I absolutely devoured, intense meat flavours, with a sweet zafrani sheermal.
- The Meenu Varuval, had strong flavours of the south, spicy and nice, though the fish could have been more fish.
- However, the Kesari Jhinga was fresh prawns beautifully marinated in saffron, char-grilled to perfection, so good we had to ask for a second portion to satisfy our cravings.
- The Murgh Mirchi Tikka was another delicious, marinated and flavoured to perfection, absolute delightful dish.
- The Burrah Mutton was super succulent, beautifully cooked meat seasoned to perfection.

It is not just the non-vegetarians, even vegetarians have loads of options, like the Paneer Begumati beautifully marinated paneer chunks, wonderfully grilled to perfection. The Doodhiya Kebab and Palak Anjeer Kebab was another perfect creation that was well seasoned and wonderfully executed. The Santa Chiloza was a beautiful broth of orange chunks, pine nuts, green chilli and cilantro, nicely seasoned and wonderfully simmered soup that did not have an overpowering orange flavour, the influence was mild.

The next choice was Nutan, a slightly more progressive, western-influenced, with a bit of fusion, like the Mango Charu, the fish version. With Riwaz, we had an option to choose from a wide range of main course options in Mutton, Fish and Prawns with a bit of North, and a bit more of South. We have the Shahi Nalli Nihari, a slightly more rich version of the rustic breakfast dish, cooked to perfection, went perfectly with the Rotis served alongside.

The Meen Manga Charu was an Andhra inspired fish curry that was delicious and would go with a nice bowl of rice. The Kava dal was beyond our expectation, one of the best kali dal I have had in Bangalore, though our friendly host did share the secret to making it, without revealing much, we are yet to try the recipe at home to recreate this delicious goodness. I did not need any roti to savour this licious dal, just ate it out of the bowl.

The Samudra Pulao was fragrant, flavoursome and was absolute seafood deliciousness that I absolutely loved and devoured.

Desserts, I loved the Kulfi Floodas, which was deliciously deconstructed on a plate, the Kulfi was just perfect, I managed to finish it off totally and I loved the Shahi Tukra too.

A special mention goes to our host, she not only told us about the dishes that we were served, making us feel at home, and ensured that our specific needs are attended to and was courteous enough to recommend and make us the delicious spritzers that we enjoyed the most.

The Watermelon & Mint Spritzer and the Green Apple Dry Rose Spritzers were off the menu but was made specifically us, and I would highly recommend this to anyone who visits Kava.

I would recommend this place any day to have some delicious, authentic, slightly more rich version of our everyday Indian dishes from both our Northern and southern provinces.

The staff were extra friendly, but not being over-friendly that they don't give you that space that you need during your meal, good vibes, good people, great food, what more reason do you need to head here to this Qafila right away.

What Could Be Better?

Seafood Could have been a little fresher for this picky seafood eater from Madras

How Much Did It Cost?

₹1,000 - ₹3,000

Best To Go With?

Big Group, Bae, Kids, Family.