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Get Your Dose Of Coffee From The Highlands Of Coorg At This Cafe Cum Takeaway In Indiranagar

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What Makes It Awesome

If you are someone who loves coffee and always up to try different blends, roasts and flavours, then Ainmane Cafe and Speciality Store should be on your list. What sets them apart is the availability of the Civet coffee AKA- Kopi Luwak. The beans are sourced from the poop of civets. Slightly disturbing, but prized. Google it, we'll wait. For true coffee lovers, this brew is an absolute delight as it has a strong flavour of the coffee beans. They serve it as a pour-over, Espresso, and Americano.

Try their Giri Plantation Gold Cappuccino from their speciality blends which are strong and work well as a morning drink. The Civet Coffee is priced at INR 430 per cup and speciality coffees start at INR 120 per cup. Pair your coffee with snacks like their veg quiche and veg pizza priced at INR 240 and INR 90 respectively. Satisfy your sweet tooth with their carrot pineapple cake priced at INR 150 per piece. The cafe has a hipster, Insta-worthy ambiance, with lots of natural lighting and fresh flowers at every table. An entire wall is their store section with coffee bean vending machines, powdered coffee, honey, vinegar, fruit preserves, coffee accessories, and chocolate. They also have a small take-away section right outside the cafe which makes it easier to grab a coffee while you are running to get to work.

The cafe has limited seating and is quite small in terms of area, so if you are a huge bunch of people, ideally Ainmane isn't the place for you to hang out. Also, if you are looking to work somewhere for a bit before a meeting, then Ainmane is a good pick. They are now open for dine-in from 7:30 am to 8:30 pm.