Terrariums, Air Plants & Succulents: This Brand Wants You To Go Green With Your Decor

    What Makes It Awesome

    You could say that terrariums are perfect for those apartment spaces and cosy nooks in your office, where installing giant planters and greens are not quite possible. These mini gardens are charming, pretty, and can instantly add a bit of liveliness to any place. When we stumbled upon on the Instagram page of Art and Soil, a home decor brand that specialises in terrariums, you could say we found the perfect little terrarium for our window sill at the office.

    The owners tell us that they operate through Instagram and Facebook, and are ever present at flea markets. The terrariums that these guys do aren’t quite restricted to just glass bowl designs, as one look at their Instagram feed will show you they do quirky designs too. We are totally in love with designs like layered jar-like and hanging terrariums. And the best part with these terrariums is that they are low maintenance. No more worrying about having dead plants in the house. Or worrying that your green thumbs aren’t as green as they were before.

    If you are thinking of decorating your space with plenty of greens, you will be happy to know that Art and Soil also do air plants, cacti, and succulents too. Air plants are your leafy decorative pieces that require minimal care as they get most of their nutrients from the air itself (hence the name). These come in pretty, glass bowls which can be placed on coffee tables, dining table, your desk, and anywhere you want to brighten up the space. These charming, petite greens can also be table centrepieces and make for nice gifting ideas. Instead of giving someone a mug, why don’t you gift them a succulent in an earthen mug?


    They also periodically conduct workshops related to gardening and arts and crafts. Check out their social media for updates.