Cicadas, Tigers, Infinity Pools And A Spa: This Resort In Bandipur Is A Slice Of Heaven

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What Makes It Awesome

A luxury resort disconnected from the little town of Bandipur and from the rest of the world, you can really escape into nature here. Each room (or suite) has a balcony that overlooks the forest which is great for a photographer like me. It means that I can get some great shots right from my room. But even though the rooms are really lovely, you can’t stay in all day. Best to get out for a swim in the infinity pool, or go for a soothing massage.

While I see many a couple here, my family and I travel most times together. So it’s really for everyone. There is a lot of space for children to run around, adults can enjoy the spa and even large groups will find the outdoor activities interesting. Of course, if you venture outside the resort, Bandipur is a paradise for wildlife enthusiasts. And for photographers? It’s heaven!

The resort organises jungle safaris which means if you’re lucky, you can spot elephants, gaur, tigers and even leopards. And it’s worth taking the chance even if you only see monkeys! At the resort, it’s easy to relax and unwind. The infinity pool is quite a favourite with the family, and only the homely but delicious food, and barbecue got them out!

Windflower also organises a plantation tour. It’s a great way to learn about the flora, fauna and wildlife around the area. If you’re a nature enthusiast, you must not miss this. And take binoculars along, if you have a pair of them.


Keep your phones away! Nothing like falling asleep to cicadas, rustling trees and in the monsoon, the rain.