Check Out The Wonderful Range Of Biryanis At This Place!


    What Makes It Awesome?

    Biryani Co - Recently launched cloud kitchen in Bangalore. Because of lockdown bored to eating home food, so I decided to order for a change. As Biryani is always on my find, Search this place randomly because it is new, thought will try. As my friends also at my place.

    Ordered the choice of everyone:
    * Paneer Tikka - Well cooked in tandoor served with onion and Chutney, it was super good in taste.
    * Soya Chaap - All-time favourite, came proper in condition and well prepared. The taste was great.
    * Garlic Naan and Dal Makhani - Buttery Dal makhani was so delicious well go with Naam
    * Chole and Kulche - Punjabi style chole served with the Kulche, Maza aa gya

    Biryani: They have a huge range in Biryani too, as we tried Veg Biryani
    * Lucknow veg Biryani
    * Soya Biryani
    * Paneer Biryani

    The best part is this all Biryani is in different taste and aroma, Not even the same rice. Great Job. Much appreciated

    Delivery and Packaging:
    With remember current situation, packaging was super Brilliant. Well packed and taking care of all safety measures. Not high on pocket as well. Delivery on time