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Ramen, Sushi, Teriyaki Or Gyoza: Say Konnichiwa To The Best Japanese Restaurants In Bangalore


    Sushi, sashimi, ramen, karaage, tempura, udon/soba noodles or teppanyaki – all of us have our favourite dish when it comes to Japanese cuisine that we want to eat over and over. If you are planning to book your tickets to Tokyo or Kyoto to only explore the culinary experiences of Japan, think again because our very own Namma Bengaluru has a lot of Japanese flavours to offer. They may not be the most authentic, because the cuisine is all about fresh and local produce, but we try! Here’s our pick of best Japanese restaurants in Bangalore.



    Vasanth Nagar, Bangalore

    Nestled in the centre of the city with a Zen vibe, 1Q1 boasts of a large menu that caters to everyone. You can share small plates of Chicken Katsu, Octopus Takoyaki or Tuna Tataki served with quintessential Japanese sauces or you could just indulge in a Bento box or Donburi taking your Japanese food experience to the next level. With a wide variety of vegetarian options available, the sushi rolls seem to be a crowd favourite. 

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    Edo – ITC Gardenia

    Do you want to treat your partner/friend to the most decadent Japanese meal in Bangalore – think no further than Edo? Drawing its inspiration from the Edo era of Japanese history, this restaurant will transport your taste buds to the land of Tokyo with Sakae bombs and their signature dishes such as the sashimi platters, Teriyaki chicken and oysters. Do not miss out the extensive Sunday brunches! Plus, Obento boxes to die for!

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    With rave reviews all over, Sakae has been around since the early 2000s and serves up rather authentic sushi. The best part is they keep the prices light on the wallet. They claim to have no MSG in their dishes making it heathier and cheaper alternatives to all those who want to indulge in Japanese cuisine.  For those of you who aren’t too flexible, you might want to hit the gym before you get here – Sakae has low table seating with comfortable pillows to sit on. Slurp on Miso Soup and a wide range of Tuna Rolls to keep you on your Japanese food adventure. We also love their pork ramen as well as the 12-piece sushi platter.

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    Ashok Nagar, Bangalore

    Our favourite spot for Japanese food because it was one of the first, and most authentic, Harima has to be on your list. If you are looking to celebrate your birthday with a sushi party, this is where you should be! With a terrace view looking over the beautiful sights of Bangalore, the best spicy tuna rolls and pork rice, you might want to never leave here! Negi Raamen and the Shoyu Ramen gets our vote here. Rejoice your meal by leaving with a heartwarmingly sweet taste of Daifuku or UjiKintoki. 

    Check it out here.


    If you are looking for a side of drama with your food, you have arrived at the right place. The teppanyaki skills of the chef (per the namesake) is a treat to watch as much as it is a treat to eat the prawns or beef. Cooked in front of you, placed on your plate and into your mouth for the most sensual food experience you can have. Vegetarians – don’t be disheartened, go to Teppan to enjoy maki prepared with spiced tofu, avocado carrots and cucumber and the Soba noodles. If you eat anything, order plenty of sushi, maki, nigiri, or even some of their new age maki that includes fried prawn maki and even a Japan meets India option. 



    Ashok Nagar, Bangalore

    Make your reservations right now to visit one of the most visited Japanese restaurants in Bangalore. With a wide variety in the menu to brilliant Sunday brunch, we say this is the place to be if you like a royalty and Zen. The Bento box is a sure winner at Shiro’s – you’ll be delighted with a box filled with nigiri, maki and sushi with an assortment of makimono rolls. If you are slightly adventurous, you can try the shushirito – a massive sushi roll that almost looks like a burrito with everything from grilled vegetables to Korean chicken stuffed inside the roll.

    Matsuri – The Chancery

    Started off a few years ago, Matsuri does traditional Japanese well while keeping the prices competent. While they don’t offer a huge variety, you can expect the classics here. The Tekka Maki {rolled tuna}, Ika {squid}, and Tamago {sweetened egg omelet} are all great picks. Do sample their platters, they’ll not just fill up your tummy but you can also savor various kinds of sushi. For mains, try Tekka Don Donburi Rice Bowl Meal, essentially sushi in a bowl and a Niku Udon, a simmering pork broth jampacked with that classic Japanese umami flavour.

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    Yataii – Shangri La

    Located in the uber posh Shangri-La hotel, Yatai (meaning food cart) a classic Japanese restaurant boasts of flavours and textures in every bite. Order up the Dragon Maki that consists of panko-dusted prawns with avocado and flying fish roe. Vegetarians do not miss out the seaweed salad with a tart flavour from the ponzu dressing.



    OKO - The Lalit Ashok

    Seshadripuram, Bangalore

    A beautiful rooftop restaurant set at the even more decadent Lalit Ashok hotel, this restaurant screams first date material! With a wide range in the Nigiri set, you have everything on the menu – salmon, tuna, scallop, cuttles, and prawns while the Uramaki set is eclectic with California rolls, Dragan Rolls and Rainbow rolls.


    Known for the lavish brunches and an extensive Sushi counter, Zen is the go-to place for a relaxed meal with family and friends. With Dragon rolls that come with tempura prawn, unagi, and crab stick versions along with the salmon nigiri are so worth ordering.  One of the chef’s signature creations here is the Rainbow Roll that’s made with five types of fish. The bakes California roll is surely not to be missed and if you are in the mood to splurge, do try the Spiny Lobster with cucumber and sweet soy sauce dip. Do not miss out on their lovely brunches!



    Ashok Nagar, Bangalore

    Serving up all the flavours of Asia, Misu has as wide variety of Oriental cuisines to please your taste buds. Try the Burmese Khow Suey served up with delicious coconutty flavour and gorge on a plate full of ginger shrimp pot stickers. But if you want to give yourself a real treat, definitely order the Misu special of fried coconut shrimps sushi roll or spicy tofu avocado maki for all your vegetarians out there. Or the delicious cheese & oozy Kappa maki served up with wasabi and pickled ginger.

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    Shizusan Shophouse & Bar

    Ditch all the other cuisines here for some Japanese. Not that we’re saying it’s bad, but if you want Japanese, why not! The sushi {the selection is quite big}, sashimi, nigiri, dim sum, gyoza (though a bit like a regular momo). For a real slice of Osaka, try Okonomiyaki. A savoury pancake stuffed with shrimps, chicken, cabbage, pickled ginger and egg, and drizzled with okonomi sauce and kewpie {Japanese} mayo. The word means “As You Like It” so you really can pick what you want in your dish. We love the cocktails too — Hattori Hanzo (this katana sword maker) and The Piss Alley Cat (an ode to the drinking street in Tokyo).

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