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Filet Mignon, T-Bone Or Just Chicken: We're Raising The Steaks With Bangalore's Best Meaty Cuts

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Mad about meat? Us too! This is why we took it upon ourselves to test out the city to discover the best cuts of meat across the board. And since it is India, we’re counting vegetable and cottage cheese as steaks too. So, from rib-eye and mignon to fillets and cubes, here’s our pick of the best steakhouses. If you’ve found to-die-for steaks elsewhere, make sure to let us in on the secret!


Portland Steak House

When there’s steak in the name, you can rest assured that you won’t be disappointed. But then add to the fact that the place is owned by the daughter {and family} of Haroon Sait {the founder of The Only Place} and then it’s that much better. We haven’t found better Chateaubriand nor a Miso steak {yes, Japanese style with Miso, ginger and sake} for the beef eaters. Plus, plenty of options for the chicken, fish and lamb lovers. There’s a Ghost Chilli Chicken one you must try. Made with Bhut Jolokia chilli, it hits all the right spots. All steaks come in choice of sauce.

The Only Place

We really cannot get enough of this place, as you can see here. Again weaving its origins to the great Haroon Sait, these pages of steaks on offer. The Philly Steak is simple and we love the piquant pepper sauce it’s drizzled with. But if you are up for a Haroon Challenge, blindly pick the double filet mignon – twice as nice and cut in Haroon’s original style, accompanied by veggies and fries. OP’s Special Fish – usually seer, and the chicken version, both in a secret herb sauce with spinach, mashed potatoes and a light pepper sauce are winners for other options.

Miller’s 46

Oh, now we’re talking. Whether it’s their super cheesy chicken, the fiery cottage cheese or the simple fish in burnt butter sauce, you’ll never run out of choice. But how we love the Chateaubriand Big Mamma steak. In a Rosemary jus, it’s simple and you can’t get enough of it. Brandied Cube steak if different and for those off red meat, try Jamaican Pepper with chicken marinated in jerk, served with a pepper sauce and spicy rice. Throw in some beer and you’ll have found paradise!


While The Doors, Jimi Hendrix and Creedence Clearwater Revival regale you with music from the good old days {Woodstock, get it?}, flirt with the Chicken Bacon steak that is topped off with a pepper or mushroom sauce, a sunny side up and chips or mash on the side. The Tabasco Beef Steak is a great novelty here so try that too. For foreign returns, NY Beef Steak in a rich béarnaise sauce is worth indulging in. Plus, a cottage cheese and veggie steak for the non-meat eaters.

Smoke House Deli

Oh hello, SHD Steak Pit {that’s actually what it’s called on the menu}! Limited but spot on in terms of flavour, marinade and sauce, Old School Steak and Chips is a hot favourite, followed closely by Bacon-Wrapped Tenderloin in burnt butter Hollandaise. For a unique pick, the tenderloin strips with shiitake should cut it.

Kobe’s Sizzlers

Their signature meal, obviously, there’s nothing you cannot get here. From Steak Satellites (grilled tenderloin with mushroom sauce, fresh mushrooms, fresh cream and cheese) to Sizzling Chicken with a Szechwan sauce, they have it all. They have a vast selection of vegetarian sizzlers which is most kind to the herbivores among us, and though we’ll still growl at a Paneer Steak with Garlic and Mushroom Sauce, it really is great. Seafood has pride of place and you can gorge on prawn or sal fish here.

Connie’s Restaurant and Steakhouse

Claiming to serve the biggest steaks in town, make sure you’re armed with your appetite for a healthy {or maybe unhealthy} dose of meat. Bring it on! Poached Chicken served on a bed of mash and rice with creamy thyme sauce is a fine pick as is the Chicken with Garlic Cloves which is cooked in oregano, lime and garlic. For beef eaters, Devils Steak in a chilli and pepper sauce comes second making way for the winner: Jack Daniel Steak. Apart from being marinated in whiskey it even comes with sausages and we can’t see how that is not the best thing ever! Connie’s is also that rare place, in the city, that has a selection of pork steaks. Try their Pork Devil Steak or even the Pork Ribs Pepper Roast Steak and you won’t be disappointed.


Not on most people’s radar, this one is the pride and joy of those who live ‘this side’ of the CBD! Rustic charm and bean bag seating keeps it casual so you can really tuck into their vast offering of steaks. We could potentially live on the spicy Amigo chicken steak, or go all out one night with the American Farm Steak which is made for carnivores – it combines beef and chicken, in a sausage sauce. They even have a lovely but super spicy Volcano Beef Steak for the strong-willed folk who like to really up the chilli factor. Corn, Spinach and Cottage, and Veggie steaks too are on offer, so not to worry.

20 Feet High

We love that they don’t serve steaks with only boiled veggies and chips but sides that really go with the origin of the steak or sauce. The wine-laden Chateaubriand is fantastic, but for a change try the New York steak in a Bearnaise sauce served with potato croquettes. King Fish Steak in green pepper sauce or Kingston Steak {chicken} in a tangy Jamaican works well if you prefer lean meats.

Windmills Craftworks

Yes, it's far away. But with those kind of beers and such a consistently good standard of food, it's worth the trek! While the menu is short and smart, we don't usually give up on ordering the fillet of beef here. Served with proper fondant potato, grilled mushrooms, tomato and doused in peppercorn sauce, it's just magnificent. This is one of the few places they actually listen to your preference of how you like your meat done. Yup, it's very rare (see what we did there?) to find a restaurant which doesn't automatically serve it well done.