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Take Your Fight Game Up With Boxing Classes At Cult - The Workout Station

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If you like the sound of fitness and a community, then join the Cult and train under professional athletes with a mix of workout programs across the city. We took on the boxing classes. And survived.

The Work Station

Cult has many chains across the city, and aims to create a fitness community. Redefining the fitness module, the workouts are led by professional athletes or athletes in training, who help you achieve your goals. Whether it is shaking a leg with Zumba, or throwing a punch with boxing, their workout spaces are well equipped for team activities.

A timer starts on the dot, hung above this warehouse-style workout space. After the customary warm-ups and pumping music, it’s time to get training. The boxing workout is divided in various sections, from your warm-up, footwork, punches and self-defense techniques. Well-equipped with punching bags to helmets and hand straps, it is all very exciting. Especially for a first-timer who knows not the intensity of a kick-boxing workout!

Step On It

My trainer shares that balance and coordination is as important as the intensity of the punch. So the first section of the hour-long workout, consists of moving around in a sequence of footwork. The Cult team guides you through a technique then makes you practice till you are comfortable with these movements. Apparently, the key is taking soft and agile steps in any direction while maintaining your posture and  stance.

Throw A Punch

What is great is that no matter what your level, the trainer gives you guidelines on how to punch. That too keeping in mind you comfort and skill. Then it is time to test this on a punching bag. Giving you a free-range to flex that upper body strength, it also doubles-up as stress-therapy. Of course, all this is done under the watchful eye of a trainer, who will push you to your limits, and challenge you. But will also tell you when you go wrong. The last round is the self-defense round, coming at you with a padded shield. Now it is time to combine your footwork and punches. Apart from testing your physical fitness, this also heightens your alertness. So, ready to get fighting fit?


Pair up boxing classes with strength and conditioning to get an overall body workout.