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The Guys From Brik Oven Now Have A Brik-Mobile And You Can Book Them For Pizza Parties

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As if Brik Oven wasn’t enticing enough with the pizzas and sinful milkshakes, but now they’re kicked off a cool new concept – The Brik-Mobile. Yup, that means they’ll even come home!


Brik Oven In Your Backyard

Since this little restaurant on Church Street launched a few years ago, it became practically synonymous with amazing, thin-crust, oven-baked pizzas. And to keep up their quality, they’re not too home-delivery friendly either. Unless, like me, you’re really craving the food so much, you get a Donezo to slyly go collect it for you. So, you can only image the excitement when they launched the Brik-Mobile.

With an actual brick oven attached to their super sleek pick-up truck, you can book them out in advance, and they’ll come over to the venue and do what they do best — serve up awesome pizzas. You can book them for private parties, corporate events and even just a Sunday brunch with the whole family. Just let them know exactly which pizzas {from Streaking Pigs with bacon, to the soul-satisfying Margherita and the more exotic Red Cotta} you’ll be wanting and they’ll show up with everything they need to cook up a storm.

See, even the Batmobile pales in comparison to the Brik-Mobile. Poor old Bruce Wayne can’t even get his car to make pizzas!