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Flavoured & Fragrant For A Frisky You: Your Daily Instant Caffeine Fix Is Here!

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FIX Coffee

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What Makes It Awesome

Rise and shine is a little too much to ask for at the start of the day but we are here to caffeinate and fix those morning blues with Fix Coffee. What this brand on Shop On LBB does is eliminate the need to order or brew a cuppa, both of which have an inevitable wait time, especially on days when you just need that shot of caffeine to get going. They offer cafe-style flavoured coffee in a jiffy and at a fraction of the price. We're talking of a difference between paying INR 225 for one Vanilla Latte and INR 300 for 20 cups of French Vanilla Coffee from Fix Coffee!

Flavours don't just stop at French Vanilla, there's Hazelnut, Irish Cream and Classic for the coffee purists too. A good rotation between these instant coffees won't hurt either. Don't worry about quality, because they are all made with a 100% Arabica beans sourced from coffee estates in South India. The flavourings aren't synthetic, so expect real vanilla extract, pure hazelnut essence and caramel notes coming through those sips, not prominently but subtly. The Irish Cream has whiskey notes and trust us, you'd want to add them to the cart now. 

These instant coffees are all priced at INR 299 and can be enjoyed hot or cold. They also come with a 365 day shelf life guarantee but this info doesn't matter for it'll all be gone before you say coffee.