Hosting A BBQ Party? Leave The Grilling To This Service That Also Does Ready-To-Grill Marinades

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Chars Burn

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What Makes It Awesome

The next time you are planning to host a barbecue party, skip the trouble of prepping for one and let Chars Burn take over. Everything from the grilling to serving will be handled by these folks.  A barbecue party is fun, but when you think about the effort that goes into it, then you know it can be pretty tedious. Luckily for you, Chars Burn is the new grill chief in town and they are here to revolutionise the BBQ scene in Bangalore or so they claim. Well, whatever they claim one thing's for sure, it'll make you a great host as these guys will literally take care of everything that's required for a barbecue party. A week's advance notice is what these guys require to set everything up so that on the day of your big outdoor grill party. The only thing you need to worry about is making sure everyone's stuffing their face and having a gala time. 

Once you place an order with them, come grill day, these guys will show up at your place with their Charszeebo, their custom grill station. Now, the packages are priced depending on the capacity of the party, and you can choose the kind of meat. They have chicken, lamb and beef in all cuts include prime and tenderloin, and vegetarian options. You get traditional marinades as well as Greek, South African and even Jamaican marinades too. Along with the grill, you also get a salad, roast gravy, bread or rice of your choice, and an option for aerated drinks. The per person rates start at INR 500 for one kind of meat. 


You can message them on Instagram to inquire about their various packages as well as to order ready-to-grill marinades from them or you can WhatsApp them at 9886288781. With the current Covid-19 situation, Chars Burn is also open catering for intimate gatherings of up to 15 people. They ensure all safety guidelines will be followed.