Pani Puri Shots, DIY Pizza & Unlimited Foos At This Buffet Restaurant In Marathahalli

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What Makes It Awesome

Looking for a perfect place for a family dinner or lunch with the squad? Head to Flechazo in Marathahalli for ts Indian and Mediterranean flavours. The interactive stations and stellar service here will win you over. Think Pani Puri Shot, Manakeesh, Sushi, Chicken Shawarma, Chicken Tikka, Red Wine Sangria & Lemongrass Ice Cream. The ambiance is filled with colours of blues and whites interspersed with mellow yellows. 

With long sofa seating, Flechazo will let you sit comfortably while you gorge on their lunch and dinner buffets. Head to the Food Shot station. A mechanised belt pushes out bite-sized cold starters. Do try the Pani Puri Shot especially if you are one of those that complain about the non-authenticity of chaats in Bangalore. The sushi too is stellar and fresh. If you’re having trouble with the pickles, wasabi, and sauces, the chef will happily help you out.

At your table, a steady stream of servers brings you all kinds of starters. Fried up corn and gobi, large chunks of grilled paneer and slivers of roasted pineapple. There’s also chicken tikkas and tandoori chicken. Small rotisseries are also brought to your table and you can make your own shawarmas with the pita bread.

Next head over to the live pizza and Manakeesh counter. The ground meat that generously coats the base is smoky, is packed with herbs and makes for a delicious eat. They also serve freshly made pita, hummus, and tahini. Choose between five veg and five non-ve main courses. The dessert table too features the regulars (jamuns and mini cakes). The buffet starts at INR 649 for veg lunch and INR 771 for non-veg lunch, the dinner buffet is priced at INR 869 (veg) and INR 969 (non-veg). On Mondays, Tuesdays, and Thursdays the buffet is priced at INR 660. 


Reservations are a must here, even on a weekday afternoon and especially on weekends.