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Get The {Fresh} Juice At The HOPCOMs Stall In Cubbon Park For Just INR 10

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Finish off your morning walk, cycle or yoga session with a healthy fruit or veggie juice from the HOPCOMS stall at Cubbon Park.

Get The Juice

If you can peel your eyes away from the Dog Park, and all those adorable canines playing about, you’ll spot the HOPCOMS make-shift store {essentially a food cart sort of set-up} in Cubbon Park. You’ll have to jostle for space to get to the front of the queue though, as the regular workout folks, the laughter club and even the rugby guys, who all use Cubbon Park to hone their skills each morning, throng to this mobile juice bar.

The grape is the hottest seller as they make it without any sweetener and somehow, no matter what the time of year, the juice is miraculously sweet. Since it’s a juice stall by a fruit and vegetable store, you can really expect a vast choice here. Mango season is coming up, and we can’t wait to guzzle down the fresh pulpy drink, and of course, all-time favourite, sweet lime {mosambi} is perfect to cool you down, and rejuvenate you post your workout.

Bitter Sweet

Served in mini glass bottles, look out for their tulsi juice as well. Oh, and did we mention bitter gourd {karela}, bottle gourd {lauki} and carrot juice for some solid health benefits? While I am not the biggest fan of the bitter gourd juice, strangely the bottle gourd one isn’t too bitter {on most days} and is rather good actually. Try it like it’s a shot of alcohol and you might enjoy it too! 


A smaller cycle set up whirls in and out of the parking area near the Queen’s statue on a daily basis as well. So if you’re really thinking of a full-fledged healthy morning, plan your route around here.