Sprinkles, Dark Chocolate, Gems & Gummy Bears: This Popsicle Kiosk Is All Kinds Of Yum

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For Insta-worthy customisable ice cream popsicles, this kiosk in Malleswaram is a must visit. Plus, you can’t say no to popsicles, can you?

On The Frosty Road

With crafty sorbets, fresh ice creams, and an array of flavours, Froststicks has us hitting the refresh button one popsicle at a time. Located on the third floor of Orion Mall in Malleswaram, this pretty kiosk arguably has the best popsicles in town. And if you don’t agree about that, at least we can agree that their choice is eye-popping! For instance, a black grapes sorbet topped off with chaat masala or kala khatta? Or a dates ice cream with lots of almonds and honey? Not enough? How about a classic mixed fruit sorbet? Or our favourite, The Dark Knight which is a Belgian dark chocolate popsicle with a dark chocolate dip and brownie crumbs? Ah ha, you already love them!

Oh, and did we tell you that the popsicles in itself are made using fresh milk, fresh ingredients, and fresh fruits? No preservatives whatsoever, we are told. Priced at about INR 100 for a basic popsicle, it adds up depending on your choice of flavours and toppings. All you have to do is pick a Froststick, dip it in dark or white chocolate, milk {yeah, you read that right} or syrups, and top it up with absolutely anything! And by anything we mean Oreos, brownies, nuts, sprinkles, choco chips, gummy bears, Gems, and a whole lot of other sugar rush-inducing toppings.

Awesomeness On A Stick

Our personal favourite was the irresistible and totally pretty Red Riding Hood. With strawberries and Red Velvet cake, we couldn’t stop clicking pictures of this beauty or stopping us from ordering another one. Another favourite of ours is the Hulk — a dark chocolate dip and Pistachios toppings over a pistachio Froststick. So all you Malleshwaram peeps, ditch your dosas and head here because this modern take on lollies is sure to leave you wanting for more.


You can add more than one dip to your frosties and play around with flavour combinations. They also have a kiosk at Orion East Mall in Banaswadi.