Zumba, Spin Or TRX: Do A Different Workout Everyday At This Gym In Koramangala

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Koramanagala’s Fuerza makes going to the gym fun and a whole lot more effective with varied workout plans. No more getting bored walking to nowhere on that silly treadmill!

What Makes It Awesome

It’s not just running on the treadmill or working out on the machines that you sign up for at Fuerza – The Fitness Squad. The folks here are serious about getting you fit, so expect a whole lot of high-intense workout regimes that will see you sweat it out almost (almost) like Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson. Whatever package you are signing up for, you won’t be stuck doing just one kind of workout.

If you are signing up for regular gym workouts, expect TRX and Cross-Fit to be incorporated into your regime. Too intense? Don’t worry, these guys will customise the workout according to your fitness levels and your goals. Strength & Conditioning, Cross-Fit, Zumba, Spin, outdoor workouts and yoga, are also on offer for you to switch up your exercise game. We can vouch for the trainers and their process as they are pretty kickass and motivating. Whether you are opting for a personal trainer or not, expect to get solid advice on how to achieve your goals without burning yourself out. The three months that this writer exercised here, saw him tone up tremendously, and his stamina levels were the best they’d been in years.

Located on Hosur Road, this swanky gym comes fully equipped with the latest equipment, and updated workouts depending on what is trending. Even the music is on point and will motivate you should your regime make you want to give up. They allow trial classes before joining, so be sure to make use of that. Sign up for one month, three months, six months, or the full year, depending on how committed you are.