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Keep Calm And Eat Dessert At Happy Belly Bakes

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Customised occasion cakes, gooey brownies, and shelves full of sinful dessert at their cheery café, Happy Belly Bakes is a dessert lover’s dream

Chow Down

Gooey Brownie, Lemon And Mint Cupcake, Chicken And Olive Quiche

Sip On

Cold Coffee, Hot Chocolate

Winning For

Their selection of desserts done right at prices that allow us to keep going back.

Low Down On The Ambience

This one is set in a house opposite the picturesque Richard’s Park. With colourful garden décor like butterfly, flower and bird plant pokers, potted plants and wooden benches just enough for about ten, cute, casual and cosy is what this place is.

Savoury Suggestions

We’ll get the non-sweet stuff out of the way first! Quiches are a great bet here, especially the Chicken and Olive one. It is really, really buttery. The mushroom puff is also on point and we recommend it over the chicken version. They have a few salads {brown rice or pasta ones} but skip them in favour of the baked stuff — it’s a bakery after all. They also have breads to take home. Right, now for dessert.

Five-Course Dessert

Feeling low? Have a cookie. Happy? Here’s a cupcake. Plus a different flavoured tea cake for all other emotions! We start our ‘meal’ here with a light, refreshing lemon curd and fresh mint cupcake. So that’s the salad done! Tangy lemon curd loaded onto a pie topped with meringue, serves as appetisers. For that in-between-course, the bitter sweet Cold Coffee should do the trick. Or even the Ginger Lemon Fizz.

The brownies, especially the walnut and the simple gooey ones are our favourites, loaded with real fudge, make up appetisers. The Oreo and peanut butter ones are a bit too much, we think. For dessert, the Volcano Tart is bomb where a crumbly pie gives way to warm molten chocolate — this must be what heaven feels like!

Getting Personal

Founders and pastry chefs Shisham Hinduja and Thripthi Ahuja are happy to go all out to customise cakes. In fact, that’s how they started. All you need to do is show them a photograph or help them sketch it, pick the cake {gateaux or brownie, for example} and just wait to be amazed on your special day.

So We’re Thinking…

It’s a great place when you want to indulge in something sweet, but with the option of having good quality savoury stuff too. They’ve certainly got all our special occasion orders henceforth!